Janis Kemper

Janis Kemper
Administration, Physical Therapy, Wayland
Certified Mulligan Practitioner, Manual Therapy, Muscle Energy, and Spine Treatment

I’m grateful for my past professional experiences, as they’ve led me down an amazing path, and I love where I am today. As a regional director, I thrive on seeing my team grow and succeed both personally and professionally. I started out as a physical therapist who was fascinated with the spine so over the years I’ve taken multiple continuing education courses honing these skills and earning a certification in the Mulligan approach. In recent years, I’ve seen my role change a bit as I’ve gone from treating patients full time to spending more time in billing so I can help our patients understand the ever-changing world of health insurance and Medicare.

Outside of Northern, you’ll likely find me spending quality time with my family, scrapbooking, card making, reading mysteries, and spending time at the cottage.

Janis explains why she became a physical therapist
“When I was young I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist. I had an uncle that was a pharmacist and I was good at science and math. Luckily my uncle said, “Janis, explore other options in health care. I think your personality would be better suited in a profession that dealt more directly with patients.” That got me thinking about exploring other options. One of the hospitals in our area offered a “health careers club” and we spent a few hours observing different areas of the hospital like nursing, radiology, pharmacy, and respiratory therapy. Then the day came that we went to the physical therapy department – that day changed my life. I was a sophomore in high school and that was the day I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and I’ve never regretted that decision. Back in the 80’s there was a shortage of physical therapists and it was very competitive to get into physical therapy school. With a lot of hard work and luck I made it into Grand Valley State University’s physical therapy program and I have never looked back.

 I graduated from physical therapy school in 1988 so in 2018 I celebrated 30 years of being a physical therapist. Even after all these years I can honestly say I still love this profession! I really enjoy our awesome team – they make it so fun to come to work every day and everyone works so hard to make other people’s lives better. I also find it so gratifying to see a patient come in on crutches and a few weeks later walk out without an assistive device or a limp. Physical therapy works!”