Worksite Injury Prevention

Worksite Injury Prevention

Comfortable and safe work stations

How many of your employees complain of wrist, arm, shoulder, or back pain? Repetitive stress injuries are the largest category of worker injuries, and they’re also the most preventable.

Worksite Injury Prevention Services

There may be workplace problem areas that you aren’t even aware of. By listening to and watching employees do their everyday jobs, we can locate and modify potential hazard areas and make changes before injury occurs.

Proactive Intervention

This service is intended to manage worker complaints early, reducing the likelihood of developing a recordable injury later. We’ll come to the worksite for a one-on-one consultation which will include worker screening, job and risk factor review, and instruction in customized exercises. We will also recommend ergonomic modifications and first aid techniques (massage, ice/heat, etc).

New Employee Orientation

We’ll individually train your new hires in job-specific stretching programs, body mechanics training, and self-management strategies. There will be an emphasis on personal responsibility and self-management for maintaining physical health and well-being. Documentation of the training session and workers performance can be provided.

WorkFit Employee Training

We’ll provide a presentation, customized to your workers’ needs, based on findings from a Worksite Analysis. We explain safe postures and body mechanics at the work station, and emphasize taking personal responsibility in caring for the working body.

Worksite Analysis

In an effort to keep everyone safe and injury free, we’ll conduct an in-depth, on-site analysis of essential job functions. We measure the critical physical demands and environmental factors that a specific job requires. Results can be documented in a variety of ways, depending on your needs:

  • A summary of work risks
  • A detailed job description
  • Office or industrial ergonomic analysis and recommendations
  • Recommendations for job modifications
  • Recommendations for employee accommodations or training
  • A blueprint for developing customized plans for additional injury prevention services such as job-specific worker stretching programs, new employee orientation, or pre-placement screening
  • Information from this analysis can be used to develop precise return-to-work goals for workers who are currently injured and undergoing rehabilitative therapy

Corporate Stretching Programs

We’ll develop customized stretching exercises to counteract the damaging effects of awkward or prolonged positions, and forceful or repetitive movements. The emphasis is on worker responsibility for maintaining physical health and well-being at work, to avoid those aches and pains. We’ll train your management team and/or individual worker groups and provide visual aids, such as flyers or posters to support your organization’s customized stretching program.

Proper worksite injury prevention reduces costs, improves productivity, and creates a better safety culture

Helping with Workman's Comp issues

“I came to Northern through Workman’s Comp due to a shoulder injury. Since therapy began I’ve regained full mobility in my shoulder and have a lot less pain. I’ve continued the strength training that was recommended and am back to feeling 100%” – Workman’s Comp patient from our Grand Rapids location

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