Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitative Services

Ensuring a smooth transition

Returning to work after an injury can be a learning process for both the employee and the employer. With the proper training, this process can be smooth and effective.

Rehabilitative service options

Helping the injured employee feel good, and allowing work to resume safely is everyone’s goal.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching is about ensuring your employee can be successful in his or her return to work during, or following, therapy. We’ll meet with you and your employee at your job site to discuss restrictions, behavior modifications and ergonomic considerations, and also provide the education on exercise and self-pain management. Our goal is to return to you a productive worker who understands and takes responsibility for his or her own action – an important factor in avoiding recurring problems.

Acute Rehabilitation

Helping the injured party feel good and allowing work to resume safely is everyone’s goal. We can react and begin treatment quickly (within 24 to 36 hours) following the injured worker’s visit to the doctor. As with all Work Services therapies, we combine one-on-one education on behavior modifications with individually designed treatments to restore full movement and reduce painful symptoms. Our goal is to get workers back on the job quickly and safely while providing employers, doctors, and case managers the information and documentation they need for case resolution.

Work Conditioning

Ideal for injured workers who reach a plateau in acute rehabilitation but continue to have difficulty with the physical demands required for work. Full-body, intensive strengthening and conditioning, functional work-related tasks, and body mechanics training are provided by occupational therapy staff to restore the worker’s ability to safely return to full duty work.

Workplaces see a $1 to $6 return on workplace safety

Therapy makes a huge difference in rehab

“I was injured in a work place accident that required surgery on my knee. I began physical therapy, which ultimately left me nearly pain free, I really felt my body improve. My therapist started slowly, and then moved into not only knee strength, but core strength, which I really believe is what pulled everything together. I went from feeling great to feeling better than I have in a very long time. Additionally, I began swimming as part of rehab therapy, which was a wonderful step. I’m so glad you have a pool on-site, what a great tool!” – Douglas M., Grant patient

A strong core can really help with injury prevention and healing. Check out one of our fitness classes.