Impacc Training

Impacc Training

IMPACC :: Injury Management, Prevention, & Cost Containment

The need to reduce injuries, claims, and costs in the workplace is high. IMPACC, or the “No Lost Time” program is designed to help employers reduce injury claims and worker’s comp costs, and have fewer lost workdays.

Our four-part process focuses on the back, neck, and upper extremities. Training and education aims to decrease fatigue, includes stretching to prevent injury, and improves workers’ behavior, postures, and body mechanics. Hundreds of companies who’ve participated in this program with our occupational therapists have reduced worker’s comp claims and costs. In fact, clients average a 72% reduction in absenteeism for back, neck, and/or arm problems.

Step 1: Work Risk Analysis

We begin with a visit to your site to identify the risk factors contributing to injuries and evaluate your claims patterns, workplace politics, employees’ attitudes, and injury response policies.

Step 2: Manager-Supervisor Training

These sessions help your managers develop a common understanding and awareness of the issues, along with prevention. We’ll discuss musculoskeletal function and injury, sociopolitical issues, prevention tactics, ergonomics, worker self-care motivations, and return-to-work tactics. Together, we address your company’s challenges and look for low-cost and workable solutions.

Step 3: Employee Work Smart Training

Many injuries are caused by joint, muscle, or tendon fatigue. Our employee training program emphasizes prevention strategies and fatigue avoidance. The easy-to-understand presentations and workbooks teach accepting responsibility for self-care at work using personal ergonomics and stretching.

Step 4: Ergo-Team Training

Ergonomic Team Training is advanced training for a select group of employees, supervisors, engineers, and health and safety staff. They’ll receive instruction on performing ongoing ergonomic work risk analysis, and learn about tactics for correcting hazards. To assure aggressive participation and long-term success, we suggest the team meet on a regular basis to evaluate high-risk jobs and changes in production that might affect safety. We will also provide you with the Work Smart Ergo Plan, which can serve as a resource for your policy and procedures manual. It closely approximates OSHA and NIOSH’s guidelines for ergonomics programs and can help assure maximum success.

We encourage all employees to perform tasks safely so everyone can play a role in reducing injuries and related costs.

These programs pay for themselves

Did you know that Corporate Wellness Programs can lower health care spending and reduce the number of sick days. An investment in employees’ social, mental, and physical health can really pay off. Research has shown that Corporate Wellness Progam ROI can average $2.71 for every $1 spent.