Swim Personal Training

Swim Personal Training

For triathletes and competitive swimmers who want to improve their stroke technique and race strategy

Have you been wishing your triathlon swim times were faster? Looking to take the competition to the next level? Swim Personal Training is just the thing to get you there, and we’re thrilled to offer it at the Northview Fitness Center Pool.

Improve Stroke Technique

Ideal for triathletes who want to improve their stroke technique and race strategy, competitive swimmers trying to improve their performance or recover from an injury, any athlete wanting an intense workout in a change of scenery, or the person looking for a low impact general fitness program.


Swim Personal Training services can include:

  •  Detailed stroke technique analysis and revision
  • Over and underwater high-def video recording and slow motion analysis
  • Triathlon and competitive swimming race strategy counseling
  • Deep water lap lane conditioning and stroke drills
  • Shallow or deep water strength building exercises
Meet the instructor, Kelsey Wilterink

As a former two-time state water polo champion, holder of various high school and collegiate records, and recipient of over a dozen All-American honors for race times in the top 100 across the country, Kelsey is a stellar addition to our fitness program. Read her entire bio here.

Program Details

Sessions are available by appointment during fitness center hours. Please note, clients must be able to swim 25 yards and tread water for 30 seconds to participate. Call 616.365.6140 or stop by the Northerview Fitness Center to get signed up.


Individual Sessions
3 pack- $135.00
10 pack – $350.00

Group Sessions
3 pack – $120.00
10 pack – $300.00
2-3 people, prices listed are per person

Swimming is typically the most difficult portion of a triathlon

A little more about our instructor...

Kelsey loves to encourage those around her to live intentionally and to empower them in their conscientious decision making. When injury ended her swimming career early, she developed an even greater passion for helping individuals of all mobility and fitness levels to discover how to improve their health and quality of life through exercise.

Looking for advanced training with your land exercises?



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