Personal Training

Personal Training

A better you, starting now

Our personal trainers understand that everyone has different goals when it comes to their personal fitness programs. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or simply “get in shape” we’re here to help.

We create individualized programs specifically for you and your lifestyle, based on your goals. Everyone from busy stay-at-home moms to fitness buffs to working professionals can benefit from the services of a qualified personal trainer. Our personal training programs start with a minimum of three sessions. During our first session we’ll discuss your fitness goals and take a look at your lifestyle and current abilities. Our next 2+ meetings will consist of putting a plan in place and following up.

Group Personal Training

3 pack: $75
10 pack: $230
Additional sessions may be purchased for $25

2-3 people, prices listed are per person

Individual Personal Training

3 pack: $90
10 pack: $250
Additional sessions may be purchased for $30

Let's start creating a better you today!

Tony is in the best shape of his life

“My wife had been “encouraging” me to get in shape, considering my 40th birthday was right around the corner. After coming to the conclusion that she was probably right, I decided to get a personal trainer. I was hesitant at first because I’ve never really worked out before. After just one week of training with Sam I could already tell a difference. I’d discovered muscles in areas I never knew existed, I had so much more energy, and my recurring knee pain was gone. I stopped consuming energy drinks (I was up to 3 a day) and reduced my ibuprofen intake by 50% after 4 weeks of working with the program Sam developed for me. I was so happy with my results, and then I hurt my neck after falling on the ice. Sam set me up with a physical therapist and I started PT on day two of my injury. After 5 PT sessions and two massages at Northern I was feeling great. I was amazed that I could get back on track so quickly after having such intense neck pain. I realize now that the work I put in with my personal trainer likely shaved a few weeks off my neck recovery because I was in the best shape of my life when I had that fall. I recommend Sam to anyone who wants to get in shape or reduce their pain levels. She pushed me when I needed to be pushed and she took my concerns into account when developing my program. I’m now feeling great, getting in shape, and my wife is happier too.” – Tony B., Sparta¬†patient