Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Form, strength, motion, stride

When form, strength, motion, and stride are all working together, you’re bound to be running faster and with less chance for injury. We’re going to show you where your weaknesses lie and how to overcome them so you can perform at your best.

What's included?

Maintaining the proper form can increase your speed, make running more comfortable, and reduce your chances for injury. Our individualized assessment includes a video gait analysis as well as strength, flexibility, joint motion, and functional tests. Education and personalized exercises will be provided, based on your evaluation, to aid in improving your form and reducing your risk of injury.

Let's get started

The cost is $70, which includes the video gait analysis, personalized running education, and exercises to improve your running. Follow up sessions to evaluate your progress are available for an additional fee.

Schedule your analysis
Gait analysis is currently available at two of our locations. Call 616.997.6172 to get started in Coopersville, and 616.696.6555 to get started in Cedar Springs.

Shoes that don't fit properly and muscle imbalances are two of the most common causes for irregular gait patterns

No more shin pain

“Working with Northern Physical Therapy has been a great experience.  After training with one of their therapists, I no longer experience shin pain. Diana analyzed my gait and taught me exercises and stretches that were specific to runners.  After a few weeks of following the program, I no longer needed to use  Kinesio Tape or ice my shins after a run.” – Gayla L., Cedar Springs client

We conduct 5k training programs and running workshops throughout the year.