Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics

Walking, running, and standing just got a lot more comfortable

From young runners and athletes to an aging population with joint pain, everyone can benefit from an orthotic to make whatever they’re doing more comfortable, including walking running, and standing.

No more pain

Improper foot alignment can affect your back, hip, knee, and ankle alignment. People with low arches, “flat feet”, high arches, or those with asymmetrical foot alignment due to an injury or surgery may have poor alignment.  These alignment issues may be fixed by adding a custom orthotic to your shoe, addressing the root of the problem.

Have you recently suffered an injury to your feet, knees, or low back? Do you have bunions, corns, or tendonitis? Orthotics can potentially help all these things, see how.

Biocorrect’s Foot Alignment System

We offer a variety of orthotics in our clinics and can accommodate any size or style of shoe for men or women. We offer Comfort-Fit and Slim-Fit, which can be purchased based on your foot size and there are options for men, women, and children. We also offer Biocorrect Pro-Fit orthotics, which are fitted by our staff specifically for your foot. Biocorrect’s handcrafted, custom orthotics provide solutions for all shoe types including casual, dress shoes, cleats, track spikes, golf shoes, hockey skates, and hiking boots.

If your low back has been hurting and you're not sure why, the source of your pain could be your feet.

Eliminating back and ankle pain with orthotics

“Since I started using Biocorrect Orthotics I’ve eliminated my daily back pain. The use of orthotics has also reduced the pain in my ankles and Achilles tendon. Last winter I purchased a new pair of shoes. Since they felt very comfortable I started wearing them without the orthotics, but after about a week my back pain returned. I inserted my orthotics and the back pain went away within a couple days. I still use the original pair which I purchased over four years ago. I’ve since purchased two additional pair so they are readily available in all my shoes. I would recommend Biocorrect Orthotics to anyone with chronic back or leg pain.” – John O., Wayland patient

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