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Physical Therapy

Pain is not a way of life. If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, arthritis, or pain from an injury, physical therapy can help. Our priority is to get you moving freely and feeling good.
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WorkFit Services

Work injuries don’t just happen on dangerous job sites. Desk jobs can cause back pain and carpal tunnel, and workstations that aren’t ergonomic can lead to issues.
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“Now that RunFit has ended, I’m in much better shape! In fact, I now take several classes at Northern – I have the confidence to try them and I love that the environment is so encouraging. RunFit is by far the best value I’ve ever paid for in my fitness/weight loss journey. Who knew there was so much to running? The educational topics each week have taught me so much, and the fact that you have access to trainers and physical therapists who really care and want to help is priceless.“  – Laura H., RunFit participant in Coopersville