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Therapy Before Surgery

Returning to life after surgery can sometimes be a painful, lengthy process. By planning ahead, a physical therapist can help make that process of recovery much easier and help ease the pain. If you’re preparing for surgery, we want to help you recover faster and improve your overall outcomes, through our prehabilitation plan.

Benefits of our Prehab Program

Prehabilitation can be just as important as rehab itself. It’s proven to help:

  • minimize the pain of recovery
  • streamline the post-op plan of scheduling
  • improve functional mobility & strength
  • get a head start on post-op exercises prior to surgery
  • patients become familiar with your post-op physical therapist
What is the Prehab Program?

The Northern Physical Therapy / Ivy Rehab Prehab plan is an investment in your post-op recovery. You’ll receive concierge care, from your surgeon to the physical therapist. You’ll recieve a detailed and structured prehab program comprised of daily exercises to prepare you for surgery and help you achieve your goals.

How long does it take?

Visits range from 50-60 minutes in length. The program is typically 2-6 visits over the course of 1 month.

What do you do during the Prehab Program?

We want to help make sure you’re on the road to a faster recovery. Visits typically include:

  1. Learn about pre-operation expectations
  2. Assess objectives and set goals
  3. Establish home exercises with the guidance of your physical therapist
  4. Postural & body-mechanics education
  5.  Gait training on all surfaces
  6. The assistive device obtained and fitted
  7. Improve range of motion and strength
  8. Safety checks
Book your Prehab consultation today!

Prehab is the perfect opportunity for you do be proactive in your recovery and take all the necessary steps to ensure success after surgery. Schedule your appointment today at a Northern Physical Therapy location near you to learn more about our Prehab Program.

Improve Surgical Outcomes with Prehab

By seeking physical therapy prior to orthopedic surgery, you’re improving your odds of a successful surgical outcome. Depending on your diagnosis and needs, you will:

  • Maximize strength where necessary
  • Be evaluated for baseline ROM (range of motion) and strength status
  • Play an active part in setting goals for post-operative care
  • Receive education and materials for home exercises, and further advance them
  • Receive training for walking on all surfaces after surgery
  • Receive a postural education and to clearly understand body mechanics
  • Receive education regarding sling and training following upper extremity surgery
  • Have your assistive device obtained and fitted for lower extremity surgeries
  • Manual therapy or exercise instruction to improve range of motion and strength
  • Prepare for surgery
  • Address any final concerns
  • You will be assessed for objective readiness for surgery
  • Schedule telehealth or home visit, for a home safety check
My therapist is a miracle worker

“The quality of care and personal attention provided was exceptional! On my first visit I walked in with excruciating back/leg pain and was hardly able to sit and I walked out with virtually no pain. I told my therapist, David, that he is a miracle worker. With continued sessions and ultimately an at home maintenance plan, I am good to go!” – Kristy R., Lowell patient

Physical Therapy for Healthy Lungs

Increase your respiratory capacity, with our Healthy Lungs program. Contact your nearest Northern Physical Therapy clinic for an evaluation. Our friendly and skilled therapists offer a variety of therapy options to help patients reach their goals and continue their favorite activities.