Foot & Ankle Therapy

Foot & Ankle Therapy

We’ll get you back on your feet in no time

Foot pain can work its way right up your body, leading to knee and low back pain. Feel good from the ground up!

Goodbye foot and ankle pain

Improper shoes, trauma, injury, and repetitive overuse can result in pain, making daily tasks difficult. Physical therapy on your foot, knee or ankle can often help. Our assessment may include gait (walking) analysis, posture analysis, balance tests, range of motion & flexibility, and strength. We have a Biocorrect Certified Healthcare Professional in each of our offices so you can get fitted for custom orthotics right here.

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  • Strengthening and flexibility
  • Balance training
  • Modalities for pain and swelling such as: ultrasound, iontophoresis, electrical stimulation
  • Manual therapy such as joint mobilizations, massage and soft tissue techniques
Common foot & ankle issues

Ankle sprains/strains

a wrenching of a ligament/muscle resulting in pain, instability, swelling and/or difficulty walking

Ankle instability

excessive mobility at the ankle, increasing the risk of injury or “rolling”

High ankle sprain

sprain of the ligaments between the bones of the lower leg – tibia and fibula, usually as a result of a twisting injury of the ankle or lower leg

Plantar fasciitis

inflammation and pain of the tissue along the bottom of the foot that connects the toes to the heel.

Heel spurs

a hook on the bone of heel that may result in pain when bearing weight on that foot


Pain and inflammation in the forefoot region, usually associated with increased stress or overuse in the that region

Foot drop

a weakness in the foot that causes it to drop or drag on the floor while walking. This condition is a result of weakness or paralysis of the muscles of the front of the lower leg

Feeling good on her feet!

“I’ve struggled with plantar fasciitis for over three years and finally asked my foot specialist for physical therapy with the hopes of relieving my pain. After just three weeks of PT treatments I’m so pleased with how much my pain has improved. I’m now able to stand and walk on my foot! Thank you NPT, for your help with posture and body mechanics, and daily living stretches and exercises. I’m very happy with the treatments and everyone was so helpful!” – Nicole, Cedar Springs patient

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