Arthritis Therapy

Arthritis Therapy

We’ll help manage your symptoms so you can live life

When you have arthritis it can be difficult to socialize, go to work, or even participate in hobbies. But there are ways to cope, and we’re here to help.

Don't let arthritis hold you back

Physical therapists understand how the body moves, whether it be walking, playing sports, or simply getting in and out of bed. When we treat people with arthritis, our main goal is to improve your mobility and improve the use and strength of your painful joints.

How will a physical therapist help?
  • Teach you posture and body mechanics tactics to relieve pain on a daily basis
  • Develop an exercise plan to improve flexibility, strength, coordination and balance
  • Teach you how to properly use canes or walkers
  • Determine treatment options to support your joints
  • Suggest modifications to your home or workplace

Arthritis has no age limits, it can affect young kids and teenagers too.

Physical therapy can make your arthritis manageable

“The first couple weeks were hard, due to the pain in my knee but Dave and Ann took such great care of me, from the stretches, to the exercises, to the warm down at the end. I actually looked forward to going to PT because I could feel the difference in my knee strength.” – Douglas M., Grant patient

Personal training can aid in arthritis relief and help you lose weight.