Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears

We make handwriting fun

Handwriting is an important skill for kids to master and struggles in this area may directly affect school performance. Handwriting Without Tears with our Occupational Therapists is a fun and educational way to improve the speed and legibility of your child’s handwriting.

“Handwriting Without Tears” was designed for children experiencing difficulties with the skill of handwriting. This curriculum was developed and is overseen by Occupational Therapists. A multi-sensory approach to handwriting is emphasized, including general body coordination, tactile and kinesthetic awareness, visual spatial perception, hand manipulation skill, strength and motor planning.

  • Sessions are guided by our Occupational Therapy team
  • Kids are expected to complete five minutes of homework daily
  • Parents receive weekly updates
  • Program is ideal for children ages 6-11

Give us a call so we can get your child started, improved handwriting is right around the corner. After assessing your child we can determine if this is a service that may be covered by insurance.

Individual training may be reimbursable through some insurance providers. Call us at 616.997.6172 for details.

Handwriting Without Tears
This program is making a difference in the lives of kids

“My son was a participant in your handwriting program. He had a horrible pencil grip that we had been trying to change for 2-3 years. His penmanship was also bad. But now, he is consistently gripping his pencil perfectly and his writing has greatly improved. I want to say thank you for helping him overcome his bad habits! Your handwriting program is worth every penny and I hope that you continue it so that other children can benefit as well!” – Melissa W., Coopersville parent

Can we improve your child's handwriting?