Driver Assessment Program

Driver Assessment Program

Safety first, steering you in the right direction

Has your loved one struggled behind the wheel? Are their reaction times getting slower? Have they had a few close calls? It’s never easy discussing driving habits with an older adult, but for their own safety, it may be time to have their driving assessed.

Warning Signs

  • Forgets to buckle up
  • Doesn’t obey rules of the road
  • Vision changes that result in difficulty seeing
  • Speed or reactions are slow, or too fast
  • Recent increase in car insurance
  • Gets lost easily
  • Stops at green lights
  • Doesn’t notice cars or pedestrians
  • Honked at or passed often
  • Inability to check blind spots
  • Experiences road rage
  • Pain, weakness, or numbness that interferes with driving
  • Difficulty judging gaps in traffic or speed of other cars
  • Others express concerns with driving
  • Confuses the brake and accelerator
  • Recent near misses or fender benders
  • Unexplained dents and scratches
  • Recent tickets or moving violations
Off-road driving assessment

Most older adults have driven for a long time, and take great pride in their safety record. However age-related changes such as physical strength, flexibility, vision, hearing, memory and reaction times can impact safe driving abilities.

DriveFit, our off-road driving assessment, is performed in our office by an occupational therapist, and is designed to identify limitations and provide solutions. Following the assessment, a plan of action will be developed and may include:

  • Correcting the physical issues
  • Introducing adaptive equipment
  • Recommending an on-road assessment
  • Discuss alternative transportation
  • Vehicle modifications
How does the assessment work?

Each test is individualized. We evaluate a combination of medical history, medication screening, sensory testing (communication, vision, proprioception), physical testing (motor skills, balance, endurance), and cognitive testing to determine the appropriate next steps. Each of these steps are completed in a safe, clinical environment.

Starting the conversation
Questioning someone’s driving skills is an emotional issue. Elderly drivers might get defensive or upset. However, it’s important to include the person in the decision making process if possible, rather than dictate a decision to them. It can also be helpful if both you and your loved one discuss the matter together, with other family members or their doctor. A driving assessment is an ideal way to determine the readiness of driving skills.

We assess physical, cognitive and sensory skills related to driving

Driver Assessment Program
We always go the extra mile

“The therapists listened and made suggestions on how to make home life better. Everyone was so compassionate and caring.” – Karen D., Grand Rapids patient

If you feel that your loved one is a good candidate for a DriveFit driving assessment, contact us to get started. Most insurance plans cover the cost of the assessment, and a self-pay option is available.



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