Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living

Making the most of independent living

We’re talking about taking care of yourself, enjoying your hobbies, and tending to household chores.

Who can benefit from ADL occupational therapy?

We help patients have independent and productive lives. We treat people of all ages and stages, including:

  • People who have suffered from an illness and need to regain strength
  • People who suffer a neurological disorder
  • People who are recovering from an injury or surgery and need to improve functional independence.
  • Children who are not performing skills at their age level
  • People who are having difficulty driving
Occupational therapists can help

Treatment may include:

  • Home modification
  • Ergonomic training
  • Fine motor coordination/dexterity training
  • Behavioral modification
  • Family/caregiver education
  • Cognitive/perceptual retraining
  • Range of motion
  • Strengthening

We often take these tasks for granted, until we're no longer able to perform them

You can get through this, we're here to help

“When I began therapy, I didn’t know if I’d ever walk or live normally again. The therapists coached me and trained my muscles and nerves with strengthening exercises and recuperation activities.  As months progressed, the therapists’ positive and caring attitudes gave me the hope that I could have a “normal” life again. Some things are a new normal and the PTs showed me a new way to do some movements.  Now I know I CAN live a pretty good life and even though there may always be pain, I’ve been shown how to manage it. Thank you Northern.” – Grand Rapids patient

We have a variety of adaptive equipment to make your life easier.