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Living with pain is never easy. You need someone on your side that you can trust. Our team of skilled, caring healthcare professionals will get you back to feeling good again. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

Physical Therapy

Pain is not a way of life. If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, arthritis, or pain from an injury, physical therapy can help. Our priority is to get you moving freely and feeling good.
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WorkFit Services

Work injuries don’t just happen on dangerous job sites. Desk jobs can cause back pain and carpal tunnel, and workstations that aren’t ergonomic can lead to issues.
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Wellness & Fitness

Becoming your best YOU can be a wonderful journey. Let us show you how to begin. From personal training to massage to pool fitness classes, we’ve got something for every age group.
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“A rotator cuff injury left me seeking a physical therapist. I believe in supporting local business so I chose Northern Physical Therapy. Despite my medical background, I was at a loss when it came to my own path of recovery. Throughout my time at Northern I learned so much regarding my injury and journey to a successful recovery – I began to truly see the value of a good physical therapist, the work they do, and I quickly learned the dedication that is required to bounce back after an injury. Northern kept me motivated and my successful recovery is evidence of that.

I will, without hesitation, refer my patients and friends to Northern Physical Therapy. I admire how focused their team is on educating and empowering their patients, they are really doing great work. I was very pleased with my experience, and my shoulder feels great.”

Dr. Timothy Beechnau, Ravenna Family Practice