Pre-Operative Assessment

Pre-Operative Assessment

A safer & faster recovery with physical therapy

Statistics prove that recovery is faster and safer when you prepare in advance of your surgery, and with the help of a physical therapist, we can help make it happen. Our preoperative assessments are free of charge and they can make a difference in your recovery.

Why Choose a Physical Therapy Preoperative Assessment?

Physical therapy is an integral part of getting your body and mind ready for surgery, all while making sure the rehab process is faster and safer. While preparing for surgery, we’ll get a baseline that includes the severity of your pain, your physical abilities, strength, and range of motion. Finally, we’ll discuss the recovery needs you’ll have at home.

Preoperative assessment topics:

  • Strengthening – Exercises to strengthen your core and other extremities to prepare you for surgery
  • Endurance – Making rehabilitation faster and easier
  • Flexibility – When muscles are flexible before surgery, your body adjusts better after surgery
  • Balance – Essential for safety
  • Strengthening Your Mind – What to expect throughout recovery
  • Preparation for your Return Home – Making sure your home is safe and accessible for your needs
  • Assistive Devices – Using them properly to get the best results
Benefits of a Preoperative Assessment with Physical Therapy

Often referred to as pre-hab, physical therapy before surgery has been shown to improve rehabilitation following a surgery. You’ll be evaluated for muscle & joint strength, walking & balance abilities, and overall physical independence. Together, we’ll focus on creating a plan to shorten your healing time and get you back to normal activity safely after your operation.

  • Mentally prepares you for surgery and rehabilitation
  • Preoperative care can reduce postoperative care, leading to health care savings
  • Take range of motion reference points so we have a clear baseline to aim for post-surgery
  • Normalizing movement patterns prior to your surgery
  • Improved overall well-being post-surgery
  • Gain a good understanding of the exercises that you will perform immediately after surgery
  • There is no cost for this visit

Pre-operative assessments are ideal for people who are undergoing any type of surgery, including total knee surgery, total hip surgery, total shoulder surgery, and back surgery.

Plan ahead for a faster and safer recovery

The preoperative assessment is free of charge so you have nothing to lose. It’s designed to help you heal faster so you can get back to the activities you love.