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A Worldwide Service Project :: Physical Therapists Helping Others

Serving others and bettering our communities has always been a priority for our team. Each of our clinics works on a local scale, year-round, to provide aid and items in need to families and organizations right in their own back yards. When we considered becoming a part of the Ivy Rehab Network, we were drawn to their like-minded desire to collaborate on service projects on a larger scale.

On an annual basis the Ivy Rehab Network regional and clinical directors gather together for a weekend of informative presentations, inspiring sessions, and collaborative activities. “Positioned to LEAD” was the theme of this year’s event. One highly anticipated portion of the weekend involved our annual director’s service project. This year we partnered with One World Surgery where we sent physical therapists on a mission trip to provide physical therapy services to patients who had recently had surgery, or who needed primary care.

Part of our group work involved supplying and packing physical therapy kits to send to Honduras. We provided a variety of tools and aids like Therabands, shoulder pulleys, and ice packs – all things we take for granted here in the United States, but incredibly valuable in countries where the need is high. In addition, we raised over $10,000 to directly benefit One World Surgery and the amazing work they’re doing.

The Summit was also filled a series of educational breakout sessions, led by people both inside and outside of the Ivy Rehab Network. A favorite among attendees was hearing guest speaker, Tom Burgoyne, author of the book“Pheel the Love!” This guy was a great companion as well!

Northern team member, David Sefton from Lowell, delivered a presentation on Direct Access, which gives patients the ability to visit a physical therapist with or without a referral from their doctor.

To round out the weekend there were a series of awards handed out. One of which went to Kristin Weller, clinic director at our Ionia location, as she was one of the top three finalists for the Rookie Director of the Year. Congratulations, Kristin!

We filled the entire weekend with collaboration, recognition, break-out sessions, and some great exercises that allowed us to get to know each other better. Overall, it was a really inspiring weekend that strengthened us as a team and left us feeling energized and full of fresh ideas to share.

Physical therapy in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Lowell

Coffee & Consults :: Talk with a Physical Therapist

We’re now offering Coffee & Consults on Wednesdays from 10-11am. This is a special time for you to stop by, no appointment necessary, to have a casual conversation with a physical therapist. You can ask us about pain you’re experiencing or have us take a look at what’s bothering you. There is no cost or obligation for this consultation, and no strings attached. It’s simply a time for us to talk, one-on-one, and answer your questions.

If you aren’t able to make it on Wednesdays from 10-11am, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to make other arrangements to see you at a more convenient time.


Please note, beneficiaries of federal health care programs are not eligible to participate.

New Kalamazoo Physical Therapy Clinic Opening August 12

Kalamazoo physical therapy

Back when we announced our partnership with Ivy Rehab, we were excited for the many opportunities that we’d have to grow and help even more people in the future. We’re pleased to share that we’re working with Ivy Rehab to bring the brand to Kalamazoo, with an opening date of August 12, 2019.

The new clinic will be located in Texas Corners at 7119 West Q Avenue, Kalamazoo.

“As Regional Director for the Ivy Rehab Network of clinics in West Michigan and one of the founding partners of Northern Physical Therapy, I’m so excited to expand our services to the Kalamazoo area,” said Gina Otterbein, Regional Director. “This clinic joins Northern Physical Therapy and Generation Care in the Ivy Rehab Network of clinics in West Michigan but this one is really special as it is the first named Ivy Rehab.”

The clinic will treat people of all ages, who are suffering from any kind of pain, neurological disorder, or post-surgery recovery and joint replacement. In addition, they are sports rehabilitation experts who will work with student and adult athletes on sprains, strains, localized pain, and injuries.

“As we began to establish relationships with local healthcare providers and business owners, we felt we could make an impact and positively contribute to the Texas Corners community,” explains Ed Orloff, Clinic Director and Physical Therapist. “I am looking forward to serving my hometown of Kalamazoo again, as I did for a number of years prior to joining the Ivy Rehab team.”

Ed Orloff, Clinic Director & Physical Therapist, Kalamazoo

Orloff, who is a decorated physical therapist, has an advanced degree in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the extremities and spine. He has overseen clinical education and mentoring for the McKenzie Institute, USA. Additionally, Orloff was named the 2018 Grand Valley State University Distinguished Physical Therapy Alumni Award Recipient.

The new facility is coming along nicely. Kalamazoo – we’re coming for you!

Kalamazoo physical therapy

Kalamazoo physical therapy

Kalamazoo Physical Therapy

We’re looking forward to opening our new Kalamazoo physical therapy clinic. Ivy Rehab is now scheduling new patients in Texas Corners by calling 269.447.1560. They will be offering appointments within 24 hours, with or without a prescription from a doctor. The clinic will have early morning and evening hours and accept most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid.