A Young Athlete Turns to Physical Therapy to Treat Pain

When you’re 13 years old and all you want to do is play basketball, it’s tough to sit on the sidelines because of pain. Grady understood this feeling all too well. The pain he felt in his knee, both during and after physical activities, kept him from running and playing basketball. An all-around athlete, and typical kid, the last thing Grady wanted was to sit out due to adolescent knee pain. That’s when he and his family turned to physical therapy.

“When Terri tested my muscle strength I was very surprised at how weak I was,” said Grady. “She explained why my hip and stomach muscles were important to my overall physical abilities and said that if we worked hard together, I could get even better at my sport because I would have more control of my body.”

Grady Before

Grady performed a set of exercises before his physical therapy treatment began. Adolescent knee pain is evident – throughout the exercises his knee is positioned poorly, bows inward, and collapses.

Grady was determined to get better, so together, he and Terri worked consistently on a personalized set of exercises to help strengthen his whole body, with the ultimate goal of strengthening his knees to prevent further pain and injury.

“Grady was such a trooper,” said Terri. “He knew he had pain and did the exercises I asked him to do to get better – even planks, which were his least favorite exercise of all!”

As a strong an dedicated athlete, Grady was anxious to get back to playing basketball, football, and running. Once his physical therapy treatments were complete, we compared his before and after videos and saw  an improvement in his body awareness, coordination and neuromuscular control which will allow him to be a safer athlete.

Upon completing his physical therapy treatments, Grady showed improvement in his strength, coordination, and endurance.

In Grady’s case, physical therapy was an excellent treatment choice to relieve his adolescent knee pain. After just a few weeks of physical therapy treatments he was back to playing the sports that he loves, running around, and enjoying all the perks of being a kid.

At some point in our lives, we all experience unexplained pain. Typically caused by a weakness or imbalance in the muscles, these types of issues can often be successfully treated with physical therapy. If you’re repeatedly feeling pain while running, exercising, or moving in general, consider giving physical therapy a try. We even offer free consultations where you can sit down and talk with a physical therapist, one-on-one, to see if physical therapy is the right choice for you.


To learn more about how physical therapists treat adolescent knee pain, click here.

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A Young Athlete Turns to Physical Therapy to Treat Pain

Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

Seeing your children go through any type of medical procedure can be one of the most difficult experiences for a parent. But when both kids have to endure the same sets of surgeries and therapy sessions, it takes a dual toll on your family.

We were honored to have had the opportunity to work with an adorable set of brothers, Travis and Tyler, who have a condition called Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia, which the least common type of dwarfism. The condition prevents the bones, especially those in the limbs, from growing as long as they should.  A side effect of their condition led both boys to a series of corrective surgeries from a world renowned clinic in Florida, The Paley Advance Limb Lengthening Institute. Following their surgeries, they were wheelchair bound for a matter of weeks, with several movement restrictions. Both boys ultimately needed physical therapy to improve their range of motion, core strength, balance, and gait training in their legs.

Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

“Corey and Dana always took their time with Tyler and made him feel like he was their favorite patient. Corey made the treatment sessions fun and included our other son in the games and exercises. Tyler truly enjoyed coming to therapy, and even asked to go on the days that he didn’t have an appointment. I’m so glad we chose Northern!” – Travis & Tyler’s mother

Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical TherapyThe boys brought so much energy and joy into our clinic and both had great attitudes after the long trips to Florida, the series of surgeries and the limitations they were faced with following the surgery. Working with the pediatric population is very different from working with adults. Attention spans and tolerance to therapy have to be taken into consideration so Corey combined therapy and play to make the boys’ time more enjoyable. He spent time working on range of motion, flexibility, and strengthening, then took time to play and let loose. At the end of the day, these two boys made our jobs so rewarding and enjoyable. Thank you to this family for choosing Northern and for letting us care for your two very special boys.

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Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

Northern Loves Babies!

Northern Loves Babies!

Our team is growing and we’re sure you’re going to love our new additions! Please help us welcome the newest Northern babies – they’re decked out in Northern gear, just in time for the holidays. We also have a few 2017 arrivals to look forward to. We love our growing family – don’t you just want to snuggle these little cuties right up?!

Northern Loves Babies!

At almost a year old, Aubrey loves playing with her puppies, and she’s so proud of her dad Dave who is a physical therapist in our Lowell and Cedar Springs clinics.

Northern Loves Babies!

Baby Jack loves to visit his dad David at our Grant clinic. Perhaps he’ll take after his dad’s footsteps and become a physical therapist one day.

Northern Loves Babies!

Ms. Lillian just turned a year old and she loves the new found freedom that comes with walking! Her favorite toys include her play kitchen, stuffed dog, and real dog Lucy. She’s excited for her mom Ashley, who joined our team as a physical therapist in our newest clinic in Lowell.

Northern Loves Babies!

Nola is just a year old and’s been walking for a month now, it could be because her mom is April, an awesome occupational therapist in our Coopersville clinic. Nola has two older brothers that she loves to chase around!

Northern Loves Babies!

Deacon is the son of our billing specialist Erin, who works out of our Grant clinic. He’s right around 5 months old and is one of the littlest Northern babies, weighing in at around 14 pounds. He likes jumping and watching his brother play.

Northern Loves Babies!

Our Fitness Director, Julie, was so proud to welcome her first grand baby this fall. Little Miss Blakely is just perfect, and you can bet grandma spoils her to pieces.

Northern Loves Babies!

Exciting news came this year for our Wayland physical therapist Matt and his wife Abby who are expecting their first baby in May, 2017. Congratulations to you both!

Northern Loves Babies!

Dana is our school physical therapist in Allendale and Coopersville. She and her husband are thrilled to be expecting their bundle of joy in 2017. So exciting and we wish the best of luck to them both!


We can’t wait to see the new additions that 2017 will bring to our Northern family. This holiday season will be wonderful for our families, especially those who have new blessings to celebrate!

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Northern Loves Babies!



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