Avoid Slipping in the Winter with Yaktrax

Avoid Slipping in the Winter with Yaktrax

Winter tasks can be a little easier, and more fun, when you wear Yaktrax. Runners, people who work outdoors, and the general population, have to walk, run and work on packed snow and ice. Whether you’re walking your dog, getting groceries, running a marathon, or taking on the slopes, you don’t want to be down and out because of a slip in snowy conditions. Yaktrax easily slip on the bottom of your shoes to help you avoid slipping on snow and ice in the winter months.

Many of our physical therapists have been using Yaktrax for years. In the winter, we find them to be a necessity to reduce the risk of slips and falls, and its not just athletes and runners who use them. We encourage our patients with limited mobility to give them a try if they worry about making it across icy parking lots or driveways.

Who needs Yaktrax?
Athletes who want to run or perform their sport outdoors, regardless of the weather
– People with limited mobility who want to lessen their risk of falls on the snow and ice
Construction workers and public service officials who work outside, no matter the conditions
Outdoorsmen who hunt, hike and fish in the winter months

Avoid Slipping in the Winter with YaktraxYaktrax Pro Now Available
Because we so strongly believe in this product we’ve become a reseller so you can purchase them right from our clinics. We’ve selected the Yaktrax Pro because of it’s instant ability give you better traction, confidence and safety on packed snow or ice. Walk, run, or work on slick surfaces with the same stability you’re accustomed to on dry surfaces. Don’t let the winter weather put a damper on your outdoor activities or athletic training.

The Yaktrax Pro is available for $30, which is the same price you’ll pay at the big box stores, only you don’t have to drive to get them – we’re close to home.
Avoid Slipping in the Winter with Yaktrax
Yaktrax Pro Benefits
– Get out and be active on snowy days, knowing you have reduced your chances of falling
– Use these on shoes that don’t have a lot of traction
– Reduce risk of slipping/falls even on compact snow and solid ice during outdoor winter activity
– They don’t significantly change gait/running mechanics on outdoor surfaces
– Easily interchangeable between all your shoes and boots
– Easily removed when you go indoors
– Keeps those with limited mobility safe and gives them confidence when walking in the winter

Call or visit the Northern Physical Therapy clinic nearest you to get your Yaktrax today!

Avoid Slipping in the Winter with Yaktrax

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Avoid Slipping in the Winter with Yaktrax

A Young Athlete Turns to Physical Therapy to Treat Pain

When you’re 13 years old and all you want to do is play basketball, it’s tough to sit on the sidelines because of pain. Grady understood this feeling all too well. The pain he felt in his knee, both during and after physical activities, kept him from running and playing basketball. An all-around athlete, and typical kid, the last thing Grady wanted was to sit out due to adolescent knee pain. That’s when he and his family turned to physical therapy.

“When Terri tested my muscle strength I was very surprised at how weak I was,” said Grady. “She explained why my hip and stomach muscles were important to my overall physical abilities and said that if we worked hard together, I could get even better at my sport because I would have more control of my body.”

Grady Before

Grady performed a set of exercises before his physical therapy treatment began. Adolescent knee pain is evident – throughout the exercises his knee is positioned poorly, bows inward, and collapses.

Grady was determined to get better, so together, he and Terri worked consistently on a personalized set of exercises to help strengthen his whole body, with the ultimate goal of strengthening his knees to prevent further pain and injury.

“Grady was such a trooper,” said Terri. “He knew he had pain and did the exercises I asked him to do to get better – even planks, which were his least favorite exercise of all!”

As a strong an dedicated athlete, Grady was anxious to get back to playing basketball, football, and running. Once his physical therapy treatments were complete, we compared his before and after videos and saw  an improvement in his body awareness, coordination and neuromuscular control which will allow him to be a safer athlete.

Upon completing his physical therapy treatments, Grady showed improvement in his strength, coordination, and endurance.

In Grady’s case, physical therapy was an excellent treatment choice to relieve his adolescent knee pain. After just a few weeks of physical therapy treatments he was back to playing the sports that he loves, running around, and enjoying all the perks of being a kid.

At some point in our lives, we all experience unexplained pain. Typically caused by a weakness or imbalance in the muscles, these types of issues can often be successfully treated with physical therapy. If you’re repeatedly feeling pain while running, exercising, or moving in general, consider giving physical therapy a try. We even offer free consultations where you can sit down and talk with a physical therapist, one-on-one, to see if physical therapy is the right choice for you.


To learn more about how physical therapists treat adolescent knee pain, click here.

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A Young Athlete Turns to Physical Therapy to Treat Pain

Exercise Can Grow Your Brain – Not Just Your Muscles

Exercise Can Grow Your Brain – Not Just Your Muscles

With the holiday hustle and bustle, who has time to exercise? As our schedules fill up, caring for ourselves is often the first thing we let go, but this is the best time of year to keep up with a regular fitness schedule. The stress of the holidays can take it’s toll, leaving us mentally exhausted. But have you ever thought about your brain as your most prized muscle? Research shows that different activities can have profound effects on your mental health. Moving your body could sharpen your ideas and memory retention, directly benefitting your grey matter. And, different exercises can be linked directly to certain aspects of brain health.

Brain health :: Exercise to grow your brain and muscles
Aerobic exercise, a very engaged low to high-intensity workout, is strongly connected to the hippocampus – the part of the brain that’s the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system. Studies show that the more a person engages in physical movement, the more their brain structure grows.

Another study in young children has shown that recess can be beneficial to the overall mental growth of those who are still developing, not just those on the fringe. The study looked at kids in kindergarten through 5th grade and showed that when students participated in 8-20 minutes of physical activity such as running and playing, they showed a decrease in distractions and an increase in content retention. They were also more attentive to their class work in school.Exercise Can Grow Your Brain – Not Just Your MusclesStart by keeping it simple
Simple exercises such as walking, running, biking, aerobics, and yoga can not only help retain your loose memories, but also help boost creativity, productivity, and even your overall brain health. By working these things into your everyday life, you are sure to be on the path to a healthier cognitive lifestyle – boosting your brain health.

Besides improving memory, thinking skills, and brain health, there are plenty of other great reasons for being physically active. Reducing the odds of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are some big reasons. Maybe you want to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, prevent depression, or just feel better.

Staying active and exercising regularly are two of the many important factors to staying (and feeling) young – both in your body and your brain health. If you’d like some assistance, we’re here to help you every step of the way. If you are experiencing pain when exercising, we can help with that, too. You can set up a free consultation with one of our fitness-focused physical therapists who can get you started on the path to wellness.

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Exercise Can Grow Your Brain – Not Just Your Muscles



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