Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

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RunFit Couch to 5k Training - Starts March 17 in Comstock Park

Go from the couch to a 5k with our 8 week training program. This is a weekly, one hour class with education on topics such as stretching, nutrition, strengthening, proper running form, proper shoe fitting, and orthotic inserts followed by a group run each week. You’ll be given a training schedule to follow on your own with support from your instructor. Plus, you’ll have access to a physical therapist and exercise specialist to answer any questions. At the end of the 8 week program the group will run a 5k together (the cost of the 5k is not included in the cost of the RunFit program). Participants should bring running shoes, running attire, and a timing device (phone, GPS watch, etc.) to track your time. Dress appropriately for the weather as we do run outdoors. This 8 week course is $25.

RunFit starts March 17 in Comstock Park – Click to sign up
Clicking this link will take you to the Mind Body website, where you can get details and sign up

CrossTrain Fitness :: NEW Class!

This new CrossTrain Fitness class incorporates HIIT training, speed, and stability. Let’s work together to increase our heart rate, sweat, and tone up those muscles!

CrossTrain Fitness :: 6173 Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale


We are not currently offering yoga classes. Check back periodically, as a new selection of classes starts each season. 

This yoga class focuses on increasing flexibility and maintaining proper body alignment, all while providing an ideal workout for the entire body. Our certified yoga instructor will provide instruction and modifications as needed, making this class ideal for those at a beginner or intermediate level. Attendees should bring a yoga mat and water bottle

Precision Running Workshops

• Cadence • Alignment • Posture • Foot Strike •
Run faster, easier, and with less stress and risk of injury. Receive individual attention from our therapists and sports rehab experts, who will explain issues that influence the way we run. Come prepared for a very brief run outside so we can get a video analysis of your run patterns. Attendees will also have the chance to win a FREE gait analysis.

Check for class availability

Run Club

Group meets every Saturday at 8am and Wednesday at 7:30pm, the route will change weekly
Running with a group keeps you accountable, and it’s fun! Join us for a 3-5 mile run, once or twice per week, with a new route each week. Runs take place on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings in Coopersville and surrounding areas. Come to either session, or get two runs in by coming to both. We’ll announce each week’s course and meeting place on our group’s private Facebook page.

Membership Price and Discounts: 

$20 for an annual membership, plus you’ll get special discounts from our sponsoring vendors, including:
– 10% off any health and wellness product sold at Northern PT
– Free Injury Screen at any Northern PT location
– The Runnery – 10% off shoes and apparel
– Biocorrect – 25% off custom orthotics at any Biocorrect Custom Foot Orthotics Lab
– Krave Nutrition – Buy 10 healthy meals, get the 11th free

Call 616.997.6172 with questions. Price:$20.00
Coopersville Run Club 

RunFit 2

We are not currently offering RunFit 2 classes. Check back periodically, as a new selection of classes starts each season. 

Stuck on your 5k race time, but not quite ready for a 10k? This next level program is designed to help increase speed, add to your overall distance, and become more proficient with hill running. Our goal is to help you take that next step towards possibly training for a 10k or just increasing your 5k speed, all while staying injury free! Our educational topics will be geared towards intermediate level runners and what they can do to improve their overall running goals. Topics will include proper running form for hills, cross training exercises, benefits of recovery, different running workouts, and different types of runs. At the end of the 8 week session we’ll run a 5k together.

RunFit 3 - 10k & 25k Training

One of the most common questions amongst new runners is ‘How do I get faster?’ Our 10k training program is designed to do just that! Over the course of this workshop we’ll focus our training on the different steps runners need to take to increase their speed and train their bodies to withstand running longer distances. Educational topics will include different training routines, the science behind our muscles, fueling your runs, what to expect injury-wise and how to reduce the risk of injury through strength training. RunFit3 is specifically designed for intermediate runners who are consistently running 2-3miles in length. Our goal is to break the boring running routine and challenge you to crush your PR.

Participants should bring running shoes, running attire, and a timing device (phone, GPS watch, etc.) to track your time. Dress appropriately for the weather as we do run outdoors. The cost of the program is $25. Please call 616.997.6172 with questions.

Click to see where RunFit3 is currently being offered.

Boot Camp

We are not currently offering Boot Camp classes. Check back periodically, as a new selection of classes starts each season. 

Get a total body workout! Each class will offer a different series of exercises focusing on strength and conditioning. Exercises can be modified to challenge anyone from the novice to the advanced. The end result is a fun, yet challenging workout that never gets boring and gets results!


  •  This power packed, fat burning HIIT class will get your heart rate up by focusing on cardio, strength, and core training. Class is designed for all fitness levels. The Coopersville HIIT class will take place outdoors.

Coopersville HIIT  –  classes are held outside at 25 Conran Dr in Coopersville


This is a group fitness class for seniors that incorporates endurance and low impact cardio exercise for heart health, stretching and light strengthening for muscle tone and bone health, and balance exercises to help reduce the risk of falls. All exercises can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels. Participants should bring a water bottle.

Sparta SeniorFit – 31 Ida Red, Sparta
Cedar Springs SeniorFit – 308 S Main, Cedar Springs

Swim Lessons

We are not currently offering swim lessons. Check back periodically, as a new selection of classes starts each season. 

Swim lessons take place over the course of 6 sessions and new classes are starting all the time. We offer anywhere from 5-8 different levels per season, for kids ages 6 months and up. Our pool in Grant boasts temps of 90°. Students should bring a swim suit and towel. To determine which level is appropriate for your child, click here for descriptions of each class.

Water Aerobics

Gain the benefits of exercise with minimized stress through your joints. Water aerobics classes are designed to build strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular fitness while enjoying the buoyancy of water. All fitness and swimming levels are welcome, and our Grant pool boasts 90° water temps. Water aerobics classes are led by a trained exercise instructor and a lifeguard will be on duty, however participants do not have to know how to swim. End results lead to an improved level of strength, flexibility, and cardio-vascular fitness. Participants should bring a bathing suit and towel. Water aerobics are completely safe for pregnant women to participate in the same classes as non-pregnant women and all you’ll need is a clearance note from your doctor.
Grant Water Aerobics – 17615 W. Moore, Grant

Weight Loss & Bariatric Support Group

Join us for a comforting evening with friends who share your struggles and experiences. Each session will feature a special guest speaker with ample time for sharing and discussion afterwards. There is no cost to attend. Registration is not required, but if you choose to register you will receive email reminders before each monthly session.

Grant – Third Thursday of the month / 6-7pm
Northern Physical Therapy, 17615 W. Moore, Grant
In Grant only, following the meeting there will be an optional water aerobics class from 7-8pm. The cost for the class is $5. Water aerobics is an ideal workout because you experience minimized stress on your joints due to the buoyancy of water. Participants do not have to know how to swim. Call group leader, Dawn Roberts at 616.292.6222 with questions. Registration is not required, but if you would like to register here in advance you will receive email reminders before each monthly session.

Senior Yoga

We are not currently offering any Senior Yoga classes. Check back periodically, as a new selection of classes starts each season. 

This  yoga class is open to all and is perfect for seniors, those with mobility challenges, or those looking for a “gentle yoga”.  The class will be modified to all skill levels, and participants can choose to bring a mat to workout from the floor, or they can workout sitting in a chair. Participants should bring a water bottle and a mat if desired. Call 616.987.0019 with questions.

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“RunFit is by far the best value I’ve ever paid for in my fitness/weight loss journey. I’ve learned so much, and the fact that you have access to trainers and physical therapists who really care is priceless. – Laura H., Past RunFit participant in Coopersville