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Preventing holiday aches and pains with physical therapy

Need some tips to prevent aches and pains during the holidays? It’s all about getting your mind, body, and spirit in the holiday mood – with a little help from your physical therapist. Gina Otterbein and Terri Jeurink stopped the eightWest studios to give Rachael Ruiz and WOOD TV viewers some tips.


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These issues are set to the tune of some famous holiday jingles.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
If you’ve spent too much time leaning over to wrap loads of gifts, standing all day to roll out 10 dozen cookies, or lifting heavy packages; it can take a toll on your body, leading to a sore back, feet, or shoulders. A helpful tip is to get up and move around or change positions. You can even go for a quick walk – Yaktrax are helpful when it’s snowy or icy. Contact any of our clinics to get a pair. If this still isn’t working, consider giving physical therapy a try. For simple aches and pains we can get you feeling great in just a couple visits by utilizing manual therapy on sore shoulders, back, or neck.

Jingle Bells
Is too much wrapping and crafting causing your carpal tunnel to flare up? Try shaking out your hands and doing wrist extension exercises. If that doesn’t work we can show you some personalized exercises to relieve your pain.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas
If you’re traveling long distances to see friends or family, the car or airplane ride may take its toll on your back. A lumbar roll is a must-have for these situations. Our team members never leave home without them. Consider this a last minute gift before you leave – they’re available at all our clinics. If you’re still in pain, consider giving physical therapy a try. Back pain is one of the most common issues we treat, and oftentimes we can relieve your pain in just a few visits.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Has your insurance deductible been met? Now is a great time to come in and get all those aches and pains taken care of. Physical therapy is quick, safe, and convenient. If you’re on the fence, we offer free consultations so you can meet with a physical therapist and see if PT is right for you.

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