Reducing your chances for a fall, on eightWest

Falls and fall-related injuries, such as fractures, are a growing problem among older adults, often causing long term pain, reduced quality of life, and excess health-care costs.

Julie Blodgett and Zach Eddy stopped by the WOOD TV studios to talk with eightWest’s Rachael Ruiz about how physical therapy can help reduce your chances for a fall.

Reducing chances for a fall on eightWest, with physical therapy in Grand Rapids

Tips to help reduce your risk for a fall

  • At night
    • Use motion activated night lights
    • Slowly change your position from laying to sitting and your let eyes adjust
    • Install safety rails or grab bars
    • Use a stool if you need assistance, to prevent slipping off the edge of the bed
    • Avoid caffeine or alcohol before bed to improve sleep quality
  • As the seasons change
    • Make sure you have good traction on your shoes
    • Plant both feet firmly on the ground before getting out of your car
    • Avoid letting leaves build up as they can be slippery when wet


You can view the entire segment below.

Factors that can increase your risk for a fall

  • Balance issues
  • Medications
  • Tripping hazards
  • Low blood pressure
  • Issues with your feet

How can physical therapy help?

Physical therapists can prepare a personalized exercise plan for you that focuses on balance and strength training, to reduce the risk for a fall. If you’ve taken a fall and have a fracture or broken bone, physical therapy is a great way to begin to heal because we can help decrease stiffness, increase range of motion, reduce pain and swelling, and help to restore the function that was lost.


If you’d like to talk with a physical therapist about reducing your risks for a fall, or pain that you’re experiencing as a result of a fall, we offer free consultations at each of our clinics and can often get you scheduled within the next business day. If you’re still wondering if physical therapy is right for you, give us a call today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Reducing chances for a fall on eightWest, with physical therapy in Grand Rapids

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