A Rewarding Partnership with Crutches 4 Kids

Physical therapy for kids

For the past few weeks we’ve been raising money for Crutches 4 Kids, whose mission is simple and high impact – to help children move. 50 million children around the world are in need of crutches but lack access to them.

Due to debilitating infectious diseases, chronic conditions, armed conflict, accidents, and natural disasters these children are unable to walk. Under these circumstances, when a child can’t walk they can’t attend school, play with friends, or access food and water without assistance.

Crutches 4 Kids works to bridge the gap between the abundant supply of crutches and mobility devices in the U.S. and the staggering demand globally. They’re working to liberate and empower children with physical ailments and disabilities around the world. These children are often victims of trauma, abuse, disease, or inadequate healthcare systems. By providing them with access to crutches, Crutches 4 Kids, enables self-sufficiency, increased participation in communal life, and an improved sense of self-worth.

When given the opportunity to volunteer with this awesome organization, the answer was a quick yes! For every $50 we raised, we could provide crutches and transform the lives of three children. To put our own spin on things, we decided to get creative with our fundraising efforts. At the end of the competition the entire organization raised $13,052.68 and collected over 650 sets of crutches and walking devices!

Allendale had a bake sale and pop can drive.

Caledonia hosted a raffle to coincide with their one year anniversary party.

Cedar Springs had a bake sale.

Comstock Park performed exercises, chosen by their patients, for every dollar donated.

Coopersville hosted an ice cream social and walking taco bar.

Physical therapy for kids in MuskegonMuskegon physical therapists and their team collected donations while offering patients and friends a delicious milk and cookie bar.

Sparta team members took a pie to the face, all to help the kiddos!

Wayland did one burpee for every dollar donated. At the time this article was published they were up to 416!

Crutches are a rare and valuable commodity in many parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As a result of high cost, lack of government planning and limited resources, inaccessible medical centers, and a lack of in-country supply, less than 10 percent of those in need of crutches in impoverished areas of the world have access to them.

Since inception, Crutches 4 Kids has collected over 10,000 crutches, canes and walkers and distributed them to over two-dozen countries including Haiti, Ghana, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Peru, Senegal, and Tanzania.

We’re so pleased to be able to help such a great organization. Learn more about them online at crutches4kids.org. And, if you have questions about physical therapy for kids and how we can help, we’d love to talk!


Read how two of our team members traveled to Guatemala to provide crucial physical therapy treatments to a number of people in remote villages. They were able to change the lives of adults and provide physical therapy for kids as well.

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