Physical Therapy is Changing Lives with Direct Access

Physical therapy

If you listen to your body it will often tell you exactly what it needs. Those back aches that you get after a long night’s sleep, or the shin pain you get every time you run – that’s your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right. A quick and permanent fix would be ideal, but sometimes going to the doctor can be costly, and taking pain relievers every time the issue flares up isn’t ideal either.

When the state of Michigan passed the direct access law in 2015 it changed our business immensely. For the first time patients could decide how they wanted to handle their healthcare and could make the decision to utilize physical therapy with, or without, a referral. We were the last state in the country to allow direct access, and it was undoubtedly a huge step forward.

We see a number of direct access patients every day and the results speak for themselves. In these cases, we can bill your insurance or you can pay out of pocket. And the great thing is that many issues can be resolved in just a few visits (sometimes it only takes one visit.) Each of the testimonials featured below are from patients who came to us directly. We’re happy to share their success stories.

“I’ve always had issues with my back and had given up on healing my herniated disc. David worked with me and taught me exercises that gave me immediate relief for my back pain. He has not only healed my back, but has allowed me to do so much more than I ever thought possible. To sum up my experience with physical therapy in one word: life-changing.” – Kylee M., Cedar Springs Patient

“I can’t thank the Northern staff enough for going above & beyond my expectations. Several times their ability to be flexible & accommodate my schedule when necessary has been an absolute life saver. Without the knowledge & expertise to create a combination of treatments, I would not have the ability to return to my active lifestyle as quickly as I have.” – Kathy M., Comstock Park Patient

“Within just 2 weeks of physical therapy, my daughter’s pain is nearly gone. The staff there are my daughter’s favorite. Everyone is very positive and encouraging.” Wayland Patient

Physical Therapy in Allendale“I had a wonderful and productive experience! My physical therapist was a miracle worker. I had wrist pain which was preventing me from partaking in my consistent yoga practice. The PT identified the wrist pain as related to an issue with my neck. He gave me simple and direct instructions for recovery exercises. After following his recommended treatment plan my wrist healed quickly and I was back on the yoga mat without ever having set foot in a medical doctor’s office. I am so grateful and will definitely be back if I need help in the future.” – Tessa K., Lowell Patient

“I definitely recommend Northern Physical Therapy! The people that I worked with and the staff were amazing. They really took their time with me and had a way of explaining things so I always understood what was happening. They are all great and you’ll definitely be in good hands. I don’t have one bad thing to say, I give them 5 stars. Thank you Northern!” Luisa S., Cedar Springs Patient


If you’re experiencing aches and pains and you’re not sure where to turn, consider giving physical therapy a try. We offer free consultations with a physical therapist. You’ll meet one-on-one, talk about what’s bothering you and potential ways to treat the cause. Click here to sign up for a free consultation.

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