Halloween Poll 2018

It’s no secret that Halloween is a big deal around here. Every year our teams try to out-do the previous year’s costumes, and this year was no exception.

“Allendoll’s” Raggedy Ann & Andy

Allendale Physical Therapy


Caledonia’s Little Red Riding Hood
Caledonia Physical Therapy

Cedar Spring’s Coneheads
Cedar Springs Physical Therapy

Comstock Park’s Incredibles
Comstock Park Physical Therapy

Coopersville’s Super Heroes
Coopersville Physical Therapy

Grant’s Stick Dancers Click to see the video.
Grant Physical Therapy


Lowell’s Thelma & LouiseLowell Physical Therapy


Sparta’s Senior Ladies
Sparta Physical Therapy

Wayland’s Finding Nemo
Wayland Physical Therapy

A big thanks to everyone who voted, and to our teams for being so creative. After nearly 1800 votes the winner this year is The Coopersville Superheroes! Check out the 2017 contest here, and the 2016 contest here.

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