A Quick Fix for Vertigo

Many people think vertigo is something that only happens as we age, but that’s really not the case. Jessica is in her early 20’s and she recently experienced some severe symptoms, which she originally thought could be the flu. It turns out, she had a case of vertigo.

vertigo treatment, symptoms, physical therapyThis particular morning should have been like any other, but instead of waking up and feeling ready to start the day, Jessica knew that something was off. When she sat up in bed she began to feel very dizzy. She laid back down and tried rolling over and that’s when the room began to spin uncontrollably. Jessica sat back up slowly and waited a few moments for the room to slow down, eventually the dizziness mellowed out enough for her to get out of bed.

As she got ready for work Jessica did everything very carefully in an effort to prevent the dizziness from coming back, although she still didn’t feel completely normal. As soon as she got to work she went to the restroom and it hit her again. The dizziness was so severe, she sat down and stayed there for what felt like several minutes, until the spinning began to slow down.

At this point Jessica told a coworker she wasn’t feeling well and just as she sat down at her desk she immediately began to vomit. Her coworker instantly pegged her condition as vertigo, something that she had once experienced herself. To Jessica’s surprise, her coworker explained that seeing a physical therapist at Northern PT helped her feel better rather quickly.

We were able to get Jessica in for treatment that morning and she didn’t need a referral from her doctor – she was able to walk right in. She began working with Terri, who eased her mind and explained the different aspects vertigo. Jessica reported that after being treated her symptoms decreased and by the end of the day she was back to feeling normal again.

We checked back in with Jessica a week later and we’re happy to report that she hadn’t felt an ounce of dizziness since being treated by her physical therapist. We’re so glad her coworker was able to recognize the signs of vertigo quickly so we could begin helping in her recovery process. Vertigo is often triggered by a change in the position of your head and people typically experience a few of the following symptoms:

  • Spinning, tilting, feeling unbalanced being pulled in one direction
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Abnormal or jerking eye movements
  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Ringing in the ears or hearing loss

Symptoms can last a few minutes to a few hours or more and may come and go. Vertigo can be a terrifying condition and because it comes on suddenly people often panic and aren’t sure where to turn. If you’re experiencing the symptoms listed above, give us a call so we can determine if you do have vertigo and begin treatment right away.


We also spoke with Ryan, a teacher in the Coopersville school district who had a severe case of vertigo. After just one session with one of our physical therapists, he experienced tremendous relief from his symptoms. Read his story here.

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