My Physical Therapist Does That??

Many people visit a physical therapist because they recently had surgery or have a nagging pain they want to get rid of. What most people don’t know is that physical therapists are highly-trained to treat a wide variety of conditions. Here are a few things that may make you say, “I didn’t know my PT did that!”

My Physical Therapist Does That??Headaches
Some headaches are frequent and recurring while others come on just by turning your head the wrong way. Either way, they can make it difficult to get through the day. Oftentimes headaches originate from the musculoskeletal system and the good news is that headaches can be treated with physical therapy. To learn more about how physical therapy can treat headaches, click here.

Dizziness and Vertigo
Vertigo is a common condition that creates the sensation of being unbalanced. Vertigo is not a specific disease but rather a symptom that results from an issue in the inner ear or brain. Oftentimes, people experiencing vertigo suffer brief episodes of mild to intense dizziness. What you may not know is that many instances of vertigo can be treated and eliminated in as little as one visit with your physical therapist. Learn more about vertigo here.

Jaw Pain or TMJ
Temporomandibular joint and jaw disorders often result in popping or pain in and around the mouth and jaw. Popping in your joint is not normal, it’s actually a sign of the protective disc being displaced prior to the lower jaw sliding forward. This could be a sign that the muscles that control the joint are in constant tension  with the joint. The popping may cause head, neck and back aches that you may not have associated with your jaw. Learn more about TMJ treatment here.

Pelvic Health
Pelvic issues don’t discriminate. Teens and men may feel unexplained pain in the hips or low back, new moms might experience urinary leakage, or menopause might bring on pain in the pelvic region. Often misdiagnosed, the pain can go on for years, but there is a way to treat these conditions, learn how.

Concussions are defined as a traumatic brain injury that results in disrupted brain function. Symptoms can include headache, dizziness and cognitive difficulties. The CDC has shown that 5-10% of athletes will experience a concussion in any given sport season. A physical therapist plays a valuable role in the treatment of concussions because equilibrium, the vestibular system, the central nervous system, and the visual system are affected. Learn more about how physical therapy can treat concussions here.

Bladder Health
If you’re experiencing bladder leakage, frequent urination, constipation, or pelvic pain, you’re not alone. Bladder issues are common, but that doesn’t mean they’re normal. Childbirth and getting older can be contributing factors, but the symptoms are often correctable or manageable through education, exercise and physical therapy. Learn more about how physical therapy helps with bladder issues.

Running Analysis / Running Pain
When our feet strike the ground it sends a force through our bodies. The impact to the musculoskeletal system can result in wear and tear of the joints, muscles, and ligaments and contribute to injury development while causing pain in already tender areas. We offer a running/Gait Analysis program that caters to anyone who wants to improve their running performance. This doesn’t just apply to athletes and lifelong runners looking to improve their personal records or run longer distances. Patients who suffer from lower extremity injuries such as knee, leg, hip, ankle or foot pain can benefit, as well. Learn more about our running and gait analysis program here.

What Next?
Do any of these conditions apply to you? If you’re dealing with jaw pain, running pain, concussions, headaches, vertigo or dizziness, we offer free consultations at all of our locations. There’s no reason to live with pain any longer, schedule your appointment today!


We have multiple physical therapy clinics throughout west Michigan, there’s always one close to you!  We’re helping patients who are dealing with vestibular issues, running pain, concussions, physical therapy, vertigo, and TMJ.








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My Physical Therapist Does That??

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