Refusing to Live with Pain :: Greg’s Story

Greg used to spend his free time riding dirt bikes and quads with his three young children. That was before he began experiencing pain in his leg and hip that was so severe, it was nearly impossible to do the things he once loved. Greg was eventually diagnosed with radicular pain in his left leg, which occurs when the nerve is irritated. This type of condition is often caused by disc issues, posture, or muscle imbalances – not necessarily an injury – meaning the pain can start of out of nowhere and worsen over time.

Greg began physical therapy with a large Grand Rapids based clinic and after 6 weeks his treatment was complete and he was discharged. However, his pain had not gone away and he still wasn’t able to do the activities he loved. Not willing to admit defeat, Greg took matters into his own hands and discovered that in the state of Michigan you can choose where you receive physical therapy treatment, and a referral from your doctor is not required. Greg did speak with his doctor and together they agreed to give physical therapy another shot, this time, with Northern Physical Therapy in Sparta.

When we first began to treat Greg his overall ability to function was severely hampered by the pain in his leg, but after just a few treatments his symptoms gradually started to decrease and his ability to do the things he really enjoyed increased immensely. Greg worked hard in therapy, and even more importantly, was willing to adjust his habits to improve his general quality of life. He took a break from certain activities to allow time for his body to heal because he saw the positive impact the therapy was having on his pain.

“Because my initial physical therapy clinic left unsatisfactory results, I had some general reservations about physical therapy as a whole. However, after my experience with the team at Northern, I would not hesitate to use physical therapy for treatment in the future – my experience here was great!” – Greg, Sparta, MI physical therapy client

Everyone deserves the chance to live life to the fullest and that’s what makes our job so rewarding. You have a choice as to where you receive physical therapy treatments and we’re so happy that Greg chose Northern. Don’t spend another day living with pain. When you schedule a free consultation, we can assess your symptoms and determine if physical therapy is the right option for you.

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