Pregnancy and Motherhood on WOOD TV’s eightWest

Life is full of excitement when you’re expecting a baby or have a little one at home. But at this stage in life your body goes through a lot of unexpected changes. As mothers, it’s easy to stay focused on our babies and not take time for ourselves, but the reality is that many pregnant women and new moms experience aches and pains that they think are just a part of pregnancy or caring for a newborn. We stopped by the studios of WOOD TV’s eightWest and talked with Rachael Ruiz about ways you can relieve some of that discomfort.

Terri and Ashley gave tips on things you an do right now to make pregnancy and caring for a newborn a little more comfortable. They also demonstrated some exercises and talked about ways to incorporate your new baby into your workout mix.


We also talked about the free presentations we give to local women’s groups and mom’s groups, they’re always a lot of fun and very educational. Topics can be specific to your group, but suggestions include how to handle your changing body, how to begin an exercise program, and how to manage incontinence and pelvic pain. If you’d like us to speak with your group, call 616-997-6172.

If you’re having trouble with back pain, incontinence, or any other issue, we’re offering a free consultation to the first 5 viewers who call. And, the first person who gets through and schedules their free consultation will receive a free Fitbit!

Watch the segment in it’s entirety here.

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