Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

Seeing your children go through any type of medical procedure can be one of the most difficult experiences for a parent. But when both kids have to endure the same sets of surgeries and therapy sessions, it takes a dual toll on your family.

We were honored to have had the opportunity to work with an adorable set of brothers, Travis and Tyler, who have a condition called Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia, which the least common type of dwarfism. The condition prevents the bones, especially those in the limbs, from growing as long as they should.  A side effect of their condition led both boys to a series of corrective surgeries from a world renowned clinic in Florida, The Paley Advance Limb Lengthening Institute. Following their surgeries, they were wheelchair bound for a matter of weeks, with several movement restrictions. Both boys ultimately needed physical therapy to improve their range of motion, core strength, balance, and gait training in their legs.


“Corey and Dana always took their time with Tyler and made him feel like he was their favorite patient. Corey made the treatment sessions fun and included our other son in the games and exercises. Tyler truly enjoyed coming to therapy, and even asked to go on the days that he didn’t have an appointment. I’m so glad we chose Northern!” – Travis & Tyler’s mother

inherited_congenital_achondroplasia3The boys brought so much energy and joy into our clinic and both had great attitudes after the long trips to Florida, the series of surgeries and the limitations they were faced with following the surgery. Working with the pediatric population is very different from working with adults. Attention spans and tolerance to therapy have to be taken into consideration so Corey combined therapy and play to make the boys’ time more enjoyable. He spent time working on range of motion, flexibility, and strengthening, then took time to play and let loose. At the end of the day, these two boys made our jobs so rewarding and enjoyable. Thank you to this family for choosing Northern and for letting us care for your two very special boys.

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