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5k Training :: Run Faster and Better

5k Training :: Run Faster and Better

“RunFit is by far the best value I have ever paid for in my fitness/weight loss journey.” Laura H.

If you’re thinking about running your first 5k, or want to improve your time on a previous run, a 5k training program may be just the thing for you. A new RunFit session starts every few weeks and we’re really exciting to be bringing this popular training program to our newest clinic in Lowell, click here to sign up.

5k Training :: Run Faster and BetterRunFit is starting soon
Our 8 week training program takes you from the couch to a 5k while touching on stretching, nutrition, strengthening, running form, and shoe fitting. This is a fun way to run with a group of people who all cheer one another on, and no worries if you’ve never even run a mile before – we start out slow and there is no judgement, only encouragement.

Schedule – Click to sign up
Grant – March 16-May 4, Thursdays 6-7pm
Sparta – March 21-May 5, Tuesday 6-7pm
Lowell – March 29-May 17, Wednesday 6-7pm

You’ll be given a training schedule to follow on your own with support from your instructor. Plus, you’ll have access to a physical therapist and exercise specialist to answer any questions. At the end of the 8 week program the group will run a 5k together.

“RunFit is by far the best value I have ever paid for in my fitness/weight loss journey.” Read more about the impact that RunFit had on Laura’s life.

5k Training :: Run Faster and BetterFREE Precision Running Workshops
If you want to take things a step further, our Precision Running Workshops are free, and they’re a great addition to RunFit, or can be attended on their own. These workshops are great for beginners and seasoned runners because we take a look at your specific run patterns to see what your weak spots are and how you can improve. We’re bringing this workshop to Lowell for the first time on June 15. Space is limited so early registration is encouraged.

Check workshop availability

The best time to start working on your fitness goals is now. The first step is the hardest so let’s get up and do it together!

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5k Training :: Run Faster and Better

Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

Seeing your children go through any type of medical procedure can be one of the most difficult experiences for a parent. But when both kids have to endure the same sets of surgeries and therapy sessions, it takes a dual toll on your family.

We were honored to have had the opportunity to work with an adorable set of brothers, Travis and Tyler, who have a condition called Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia, which the least common type of dwarfism. The condition prevents the bones, especially those in the limbs, from growing as long as they should.  A side effect of their condition led both boys to a series of corrective surgeries from a world renowned clinic in Florida, The Paley Advance Limb Lengthening Institute. Following their surgeries, they were wheelchair bound for a matter of weeks, with several movement restrictions. Both boys ultimately needed physical therapy to improve their range of motion, core strength, balance, and gait training in their legs.

Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

“Corey and Dana always took their time with Tyler and made him feel like he was their favorite patient. Corey made the treatment sessions fun and included our other son in the games and exercises. Tyler truly enjoyed coming to therapy, and even asked to go on the days that he didn’t have an appointment. I’m so glad we chose Northern!” – Travis & Tyler’s mother

Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical TherapyThe boys brought so much energy and joy into our clinic and both had great attitudes after the long trips to Florida, the series of surgeries and the limitations they were faced with following the surgery. Working with the pediatric population is very different from working with adults. Attention spans and tolerance to therapy have to be taken into consideration so Corey combined therapy and play to make the boys’ time more enjoyable. He spent time working on range of motion, flexibility, and strengthening, then took time to play and let loose. At the end of the day, these two boys made our jobs so rewarding and enjoyable. Thank you to this family for choosing Northern and for letting us care for your two very special boys.

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Treating Pediatric Dwarfism with Physical Therapy

TriFit Triathlon Training

TriFit Triathlon Training

A triathlon can be an intimidating race, especially for beginners – but what a thrilling feeling it is once you’re standing at the finish line. If you’ve always wanted to compete in a triathlon, or would like to improve your time from a previous race, our TriFit triathlon training program starts May 22. We’ll be training to compete in the Allendale Countryside Triathlon, which is the Championship race for the West Michigan Tri Series, and the only indoor transition and finish in the sport.

TriFit Triathlon Training
A full triathlon is actually an Olympic event, but the triathlon as we know it comes in four different sizes – Sprint, Olympic, 1/2 Ironman and Ironman. It includes a swim, bike ride, and run (in that order). The Allendale Countryside Triathlon, which draws athletes from throughout the midwest, is a Sprint distance with a 5oo meter swim, 17.5 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run.

TriFit Triathlon Training

If this triple threat is on your bucket list but you’re not sure where to start, our TriFit program will prepare you for the triathlon through:

  • Weekly training plans
  • Race day preparation
  • Cross training, strengthening and core
  • Fueling and recovery
  • Pacing, transitioning, and tapering
  • Support and access to experts


Top Notch Instructors
Our program offers three of the best in the sport. Gina Otterbein, PT is a Boston Marathon finisher who has also finished top in her age bracket at a number of triathlons. She has also completed BikeFit training and that knowledge can give you the edge when it comes to the biking portion of the event. Kelsey Wilterink, swim coach and trainer, is a prior collegiate All-American swimmer and active racer. Diana Painter, PT is a sports rehabilitation expert, past collegiate runner, and active racer.

Our TriFit program has limited space so early registration is strongly encouraged. Sign up here!

This year’s Allendale Tri is expected to double in size and we can’t wait – it’s truly a great race and we love being a sponsor. If you have questions on triathlon training, TriFit, or fitness in general, get in touch with us via email or by calling 616.997.6172.

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TriFit Triathlon Training



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