Treating Vertigo with Physical Therapy

Imagine standing in front of a classroom full of students when you begin to feel dizzy. You lose focus and feel nauseous, sit down, close your eyes, quickly wonder what’s going on and begin to panic. That’s a scary feeling but what if that scenario isn’t just a one-time thing? Vertigo can effect people of any age, even those in perfect health. Ryan Schoenborn is a teacher at Coopersville Public Schools and he experienced these extreme feelings of dizziness so he looked to Northern for help. We thank him for sharing his story with us.

“I knew I had to get my vertigo treated quickly, but I initially had no idea that physical therapy was a viable option. After describing my symptoms to my wife (who is a physical therapist but not with Northern), she suggested I give PT a try. I was willing to do anything to get results so I agreed. Upon my first appointment with Northern my symptoms were so severe that I had to be wheeled into the clinic in a wheelchair. Not only was I unable to walk, but I had to keep my eyes closed to fight the nausea.

Lisa, the therapist who treated me, was very knowledgeable when it came to my condition. She was able to explain what was happening, how she was treating it, and the exercises and tips that were necessary for preventing the symptoms from coming back in the future. We worked together that first day and I was amazed at how quickly I had positive results. I was able to walk to my car and look people in the eyes on the way out. I cannot describe what a relief it was to have my symptoms reduced so quickly.

After physical therapy, the vertigo never came back to the level it had been. Lisa gave me exercises that helped to prevent a relapse. They were easy to do and I feel they helped me to get back to my normal life and work much faster. I left the clinic that day feeling much better physically, but also feeling like I understood my condition and how to prevent it.”

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