Why a Physical Therapy Consultation Could Benefit You

Do you get shin pain when you run? Has your back been aching for some time now? Oftentimes we get these aches and pains and we’re not sure where they came from or what caused them. We put off going to the doctor thinking they’ll just go away. But what if there was a way to learn more about your issue, the cause, and the best way to fix it, free of charge?

When you schedule a free consultation with a physical therapist you’ll have the opportunity to explain your issue/pain and we can help determine whether physical therapy is the right option for you, or if your symptoms are more serious and warrant the need to seek further treatment from a physician. You can leave your consultation with a better idea of what you’re facing, and possible steps to resolve the issue.  You may also be given a few exercises to try out at home to see if things get better.

Benefits of a free physical therapy consultation
– No obligation – this is a casual, no cost conversation where we talk about what’s bothering you and determine the next best steps.
– Fast and easy – we’re located right in your backyard and the appointment only lasts about a half hour. We’ll save you the time and cost of having to visit an alternative healthcare provider first.
– If we believe you’d benefit from physical therapy, massage, or personal training, we’ll let you know how to get started and what services may be covered through insurance.
– Low commitment – many issues can be fixed, leaving you pain free, in just a few sessions. You don’t always have to come multiple times per week, sometimes one or two visits is all it takes.
– Insight – if we do recommend that you seek additional treatment from a doctor, you can go into the appointment with some background information on the potential cause of your pain.

consultation_physical_therapy1“Consultations are a great resource because they allow a client to seek information or advice from an expert. You get a taste of our clinical knowledge and skills, as well as an understanding for how we can work together to relieve your pain.” – Corey Kuipers, DPT, Physical Therapist at our Coopersville clinic


“The initial consultation was helpful, it gave us peace of mind before scheduling our first appointment. The therapist was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to look for, as they’re used to seeing these types of issues.” Ryan Burk talks about his daughter Jacie’s consultation

Ryan’s daughter Jacie began experiencing pain in her knees when she ran, leading to her departure from the cross country team. Not sure what was causing the pain or how to go about fixing it, they came in for a free consultation with one of our physical therapists. At the end of their visit, we determined that Jacie would benefit from physical therapy so we helped them get a prescription from their doctor so her treatments would be covered by insurance.

If you have a nagging pain or questions about something that’s going on in your body, don’t hesitate to request your free consultation right away. Click here to set up your request and we’ll call you within one business day to schedule an appointment to determine if physical therapy is right for you. You’ve got nothing to lose, except for your pain.

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