Has Your Insurance Deductible Been Met


As we near the end of 2016, many of you might find yourselves in a situation where your insurance deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums have already been met for the year, meaning the insurance company will typically pay 100% of your medical costs. So how does this effect you when it comes to those nagging aches and pains that you’ve been meaning to have someone take a look at?

Has Your Insurance Deductible Been Met

Make 2017 the year you feel great!

Maybe you’ve been experiencing a pinching sensation in your elbow whenever you lift something, or maybe your back pain is flaring up more frequently than it used to. Perhaps you feel pain in your shins every time you run farther than 2 miles. These are all issues that physical therapy can help with. If your insurance policy renews in January, 2017, now is the time to get in for physical therapy and get those aches resolved.

Some insurance companies have limits on physical therapy visits, but oftentimes your treatment may just consist of a few visits. If your deductible has already been met your cost for therapy services may be significantly reduced or covered 100%, depending on your individual plan. So now is the perfect time to give physical therapy a try! And, because the Direct Access law has been passed in Michigan, you can now come right to physical therapy without a referral from your physician. Our clinics are conveniently open 7am-7pm most days.

Don’t live another day in pain, get started on a physical therapy plan today and start 2017 off by feeling great!

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