Daily archive for October 19, 2016

New Physical Therapy Clinic in Lowell

lowell physical therapy

Lowell, we’re thrilled to be joining your community! Our new physical therapy clinic is opening November 28 and we can’t wait to serve you!

We’ve long felt a part of the Lowell community as many of our physical therapy team members were born and raised here, and call Lowell home. As we began to establish relationships with Lowell healthcare providers and business owners, we felt we could make an impact and positively contribute to your community.

In our new Lowell clinic you’ll find all the services you’ve come to know at our other locations. Our physical therapy team will be helping people who are suffering from low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, or any type of discomfort that might be chronic or as a result of an injury or surgery. We’ll also have a team of sports rehabilitation experts who will be equipped to work with both student and adult athletes on sprains, strains, foot and ankle pain, or post surgery recovery.

Our Lowell team will be led by physical therapist David Sefton, who along with his wife Chelsea, are 2005 graduates of Lowell High School. We’re also pleased to have Lowell resident Ashley VandenBurg at this clinic. Ashley will be treating a variety of conditions on patients of all ages. In addition, we’ll be offering a few of our most popular fitness classes, including RunFit 5k training, which will start in early spring.

We’re really looking forward to getting to know the Lowell community better, and to helping you feel great, living a pain free lifestyle. Be on the lookout for our grand opening announcement and community open house invitation.

Lowell is the place to be as we look forward to serving our community!

Internships in Physical Therapy & Fitness

One of the stepping stones of a college education is the coveted internship. A chance to gain real life experience before heading off to live life as a working adult. At Northern we love the opportunity to mentor, train, and provide real world experience to our interns and student fieldworkers. Each semester we invite a handful of students to assist our physical therapists, fitness, and business administration teams. Their desire to learn adds an exciting element to our environment.


“My education has given me a great foundation, but it’s experiences like this (at Northern) that helped me succeed in the workforce.” Catherine Palazzolo, former intern (pictured far left)

If you’re considering an internship in the healthcare field, we invite you to read on, and send in a resume. Only eager and positive candidates need apply, we’ve got lives to change here in the clinic and we need the best of the best to assist us along the way.


“Participating in the Coopersville community expo gave me an opportunity to interact with exercise participants in a different setting, and to develop a deeper interest in the community. Being approached by community members about fitness and what Northern has to offer was a pretty cool experience.” Mick DeBoer, former intern

It means a lot to know that we’ve helped a young person grow and develop skills that were valuable in various aspects of their lives. Alex Hoffman started out as our intern and fieldwork student. Her positive attitude, ease at which she could work with clients, and ability to quickly adapt to various settings led us to offering her a job as a Professional Care Specialist upon graduation, but that didn’t last long. We could quickly see Alex’s ability to go farther and her path eventually led her to becoming a fitness instructor, mentor for current interns, and ultimately to her current role as the Northview Fitness Center manager in our Grand Rapids clinic.


Alex and her team at the Northview Fitness Center in Grand Rapids (pictured front, center)

When she looks back on her days as an intern with us she attributes Northern with allowing her to grow and discover her true potential.

“When I first started as an intern I never thought I would be teaching multiple fitness classes, let alone leading a running group. I absolutely hated running but after working here for just 18 months I was up to running half marathons! The amount of knowledge I gained while interning at Northern was untouchable. I was (and still am) surrounded by brilliant physical therapists and even to this day, I truly enjoy coming to work. We’ve got a great group of people that inspire each other to be their best and work hard. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Alex Hoffman, former intern and current Northview Fitness Center manager

intern_runfit“My favorite project has been helping to co-lead the RunFit class with Alex. The experience has been fun and challenging. Interning at Northern has been invaluable – it’s one of the first work scenarios where I’ve had the opportunity to apply more of my education in addition to learning new skills.” Alex Rust, former intern and current Professional Care Specialist (pictured front, center, in blue)


“Be open minded to all new experiences because you never know where they will take you.” Lauren Houghan, former intern and current Practice Manager (pictured right)

Lauren Houghan is another integral member of our team who started out as a fieldwork student and worked up to Practice Manager, which is the role she holds today. Along the way there were a series of promotions and some roles that Lauren never imagined she’d take on. While Lauren handles working full time she also does some personal training in her spare time, which is something that she’s really grown to love.

Lauren gives some credit to Northern for allowing her the time and experiences to recognize her personal strengths and interests, which ultimately led her back down the path to earning her Masters of Public Health degree through GVSU.

“I chose Northern for my internship because of all they had to offer to the community. The variety of exercise classes and workshops aren’t something many physical therapy clinics offer. I knew this internship would challenge me and I wanted to be a part of an amazing team. The staff at Northern are very helpful and extremely friendly which has made my internship even better.” Emily Mead, former intern (pictured far left)

We’re humbled to hear our interns tell their side of the story. It makes us feel great to know that we’re helping these students gain valuable experience and giving them the chance to grow personally and professionally. If you’d like to learn more or submit a resume, email Alex.