Completing the Impossible :: Laura’s Couch to 5k Story

Completing the Impossible :: Laura’s Couch to 5k Story

Turning lives around is hands down the best part of what we do. When we get stories like the one below from former patients and clients, we’re thrilled to learn what a positive difference we’ve made in their lives. Laura put in so much effort and her results are truly inspirational.

“The thought of running a 5k seemed impossible to me. My daughter had asked me to join her in a race more than once, but I knew I couldn’t complete it so I kept putting her off. Her persistence got the best of me and when I saw Northern’s couch to 5k RunFit program I signed up, not actually intending to run the 5k, but to take advantage of the opportunity to spend some quality time with my daughter. On the first day of class I was sick to my stomach. I knew I was out of shape and not up for the run. But the class size and participants made me feel at ease, and the instructor’s encouragement led me to believe I could make it through day one.

Completing the Impossible :: Laura’s Couch to 5k Story

Laura and her daughter Kate are on their way to a better 5k with our RunFit training program.

The first class was very hard for me but I didn’t want to disappoint my daughter so I stayed with the program. Alex and Mick, the instructors, were very encouraging, and when my knees started to hurt the second week in, I met with Lisa, the physical therapist, before class. She quickly knew what was causing my pain and suggested a few exercises, new shoes and insoles. I was fitted for my custom insoles at Northern, which ultimately eliminated my pain – I suggest these to everyone! As weeks progressed I was making my daughter proud and the whole class was encouraging and supportive. I looked forward to seeing everyone and sharing stories at each session. While I was having fun, I still struggled each week, thinking I would not be able to complete the runs, but I always did. Alex would say, “you’ll be surprised” and she was right. I never felt judged by anyone, even though I was always last and could barely finish at times. If I had not lived this experience myself, I would never have believed I would have actually trained for and completed a 5k in 8 weeks’ time.

Completing the Impossible :: Laura’s Couch to 5k Story

Great 5k times thanks to RunFit, our 5k training program.

Now that the program has ended, I am in much better shape! I still have a long ways to go but I feel good about what I have accomplished so far. In fact, I now take several classes at Northern – I have the confidence to try them and I love that they’ve created an environment that is so encouraging, I never feel intimidated there. When friends and family members have noticed a difference in me, I always tell them about my experiences at Northern. RunFit is by far the best value I have ever paid for in my fitness/weight loss journey. Who knew there was so much to running? The educational topics each week have taught me so much, and the fact that you have access to trainers and physical therapists who really care and want to help is priceless.” Laura Hecksel, RunFit Participant

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Completing the Impossible :: Laura’s Couch to 5k Story

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