Seated Core Exercises

If you think the only benefit of a strong core is a set of 6-pack abs, think again. A strong core can improve your posture, reduce back pain, improve athletic performance, help with balance, and allow you to breathe easier. 

If you’re not used to working your core, it’s a good idea to start slowly. We’ve put together a few exercises that don’t even involve getting out of your chair.

The seated arm raise is going to strengthen your core and shoulders. Try 3 sets of 20, 3 times per week. Start by sitting tall in a chair with your arms in front, elbows straight, palms facing each other. Raise your arms overhead, then lower and repeat. Remember, don’t arch your back or lean forward while doing this exercise. If you want to feel a little extra burn, use light hand weights for added intensity.

The seated march is great for strengthening your core and abs. Perform 3 sets of 20, 3 times per week. Start by sitting in a chair with your hips and knees at 90 degrees. Lift one leg up, lower back down, and repeat with the other leg. If you want a little more intensity try this instead: lift one leg, then straighten it out in front of you, bend and lower back down. Repeat with the other leg.

The side bend is a great way to strengthen your core and abs, as well as increase abdominal flexibility. Try 3 sets of 10 and perform this exercise 3 times per week. Start in a seated position, bend to the right then return to start. Repeat this on the left side and continue going back and forth.

If you want more exercises like these, our personal trainers are here to help. Contact the location nearest you for more information.

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