Raise a Glass of Wine to Health :: FIT4U Challenge Week 6

Many of us enjoy a nice glass of wine to help unwind at the end of a long day but, did you know there are also health benefits that come with drinking a glass of wine?

Why should we raise a glass to wine?
Please note, most of the benefits suggested in this article relate to red wine.

– Weight loss Crazy right? Wine contains a chemical called resveratrol which converts bad white fat in our bodies to “good fat” that the body then uses for energy. A recent study by Washington State University shows that polyphenols like resveratrol helped mice burn more fat through excess body heat.

– Wine could reduce the risk of certain cancers Resveratrol has been shown in studies to slow the growth of cancer cells by causing them to cannibalize themselves, which means they eat away at themselves.

– Wine helps fight off the common cold Research that suggests that wine helps boost the immune system. It has been shown that drinking wine moderately helps you decrease your chance of getting a cold by up to 40%.

– Wine cares for your teeth A 2014 study showed that wine acted like a mouthwash, fighting tooth-decay causing bacteria and preventing cavities. An active component in the grapes has antimicrobial effects on the bacteria of the mouth.

– Promotes healthy aging In the Mediterranean, it’s considered wise to drink wine for graceful aging and to stay young and active as you age. It has been shown through multiple studies that low doses of wine helps slow the aging process down, thanks to the resveratrol!

– Protects your eye-sight Resveratrol has been proven to stop abnormal growth of new blood vessels or angiogenesis. Angiogenesis typically leads to age-related loss of eyesight, or even blinding disorders.

Can you drink too much wine?
Even though wine has all these amazing benefits, everything needs moderation. Too much wine can be just as unhealthy! If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t feel that you should start. But for those that do enjoy a drink, consider the occasional glass of red wine.

Please note, our team does not promote overconsumption, underage drinking, or drinking and driving. Always drink responsibly.

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