Is Sleep for the Weak? FIT4U Challenge Week 7

Who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep or a nap on a lazy Sunday? Sleep is more important than just making you feel better. It’s your body’s way to reset and repair itself. If you’re skimping on your nightly dose, here are a few more sleep benefits to think about:
– Repairs the body
– Improves memory
– Increases alertness
– Reduces stress
– Improves mood
– Keeps your heart healthy
– Helps to control your weight
– Reduces risk of diabetes

How much sleep should you be getting?
The following chart sums up recommended amounts of sleep for optimum health. Are you getting enough?

Causes of Sleep Deprivation
Many people have problems falling asleep at night. They can’t turn our brains off, are too stressed out, or just lay there staring at the ceiling. Scientists have proven that our phones and TVs are also a cause of keeping us up at night – are you guilty of doing a little late night viewing? The bright light on our phones suppresses the production of melatonin which helps us fall asleep. Here’s an infographic that sums up some other reasons we are kept up at night.

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How to Get More Sleep
– Keep a set schedule – bedtime and wake up time. This helps your body recognize the difference.
– Create relaxing bedtime ritual
– Avoid naps if you’re having problems falling asleep at night
– Exercise during the day to use up your extra energy
– Keep lights down for sleep
– Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow
– Use dimmer lights
– Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and heavy meals a few hours before bed
– If you can’t sleep go do something relaxing

New Phone Settings
Since the blue light suppresses production of melatonin here are somethings you can do:
iPhone users – The iPhone now has a flux light setting that lowers the brightness on your phone. To enable this go to Settings -> Display and Brightness -> Night Shift. You can schedule it to sunrise and sunset and your phone will automatically set it every day.
Android users – There is an app called Twilight that does the same thing.
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