The Pros & Cons of Stretching :: Join Us March 22

Join Gina Otterbein as she discusses the common misconceptions of stretching and how to get the most out of your stretches. Be prepared to get up and get moving while Gina demonstrates useful stretching techniques that can be implemented throughout the day, leaving you more relaxed, awake, and pain free. She will also touch on what science has taught us about muscles, and look at a few stretching techniques we used to think were beneficial, but are actually doing more harm than good. Click here to register.

The event takes place on Tuesday, March 22, 6-7pm at the Northview Community Fitness Center, 4451 Hunsberger, NE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49525

Topics include
– When is the right time to be stretching?
– What are the benefits of stretching?
– What types of stretching should I utilize?
– How does stretching actually help relieve pain?

Northern is proud to be co-hosting this event with Inforum of West Michigan.

In addition to being the the co-owner and a physical therapist here at Northern, Gina is an avid runner and triathlete. She qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon and has placed first in her age group at various marathons and triathlons. Beyond Boston her goal is to focus on Olympic distance tri’s with even longer distances to follow.

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