Checking In For a Good Cause

We’re so excited to announce a new partnership, effective April 1, with Check-In Angels where you’ll get to help us support a great cause each month by doing nothing other than checking in on Facebook at Northern! Its so simple, yet so effective for those in need.

How does it work?
For every Facebook check-in at any Northern location, Check-In Angels will make a donation to a great cause. With thousands of Check-In Angels-empowered locations generating millions of Facebook check-ins every year, that’s a lot of good being done. It’s a simple and superb way to help those less fortunate, and the great cause changes each month. Here are some examples of how Check-In Angels has helped in the past.

Isn’t that amazing? And that’s just the last 6 months! If you want to help too, simply check in on Facebook next time you’re at Northern and you will be contributing to the cause!

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