Feeling Good After A Total Knee Replacement

Ask any of our therapists and they’ll tell you one of the main reasons they love our profession is because of our ability to help people feel good. No one should have to live in discomfort so when we can take a painful situation and turn it around, we’re thrilled. We recently got the chance to work with a patient named Barb who had undergone a total knee replacement. Upon her discharge she took some time to tell us about her experience. Thank you, Barb, it was absolutely our pleasure to be able to help you!

Barb is back to work at a local grocery store and feeling great after a total knee replacement. She is pictured at work with one of her physical therapists, Melissa VanKampen.

“Following a surgery that left me with a total knee replacement, I needed physical therapy to help me get back to life and work. I was hoping to find a facility nearby to make the process easier. Northern Physical Therapy was there for me – locally owned and close to home. Getting started was rather easy, and within days the healing process began. I worked with a select few physical therapists who helped me regain mobility, stability, and strength in both my knees. The end process led me back to work, living life the way I had been before the surgery, only this time I was living pain free. Throughout my process at Northern Physical Therapy my expectations were met beyond what I could have imagined. I would gladly refer others to your facility – the therapists went above and beyond to make sure my experience was a positive one. The staff was very caring, fun to work with, and always there when I needed that extra push. Thank you Northern Physical Therapy!”
– Barb Pillow, Coopersville Patient

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