Sports Related Concussions :: A Follow Up Report

In a recent interview with WZZM and My West Michigan we talked about concussions amongst students and athletes. Topics included what to look for and how we treat the issues. This was timely with fall sports starting up – most people tend to think of football when they hear about student concussions, but a recent study shed some light on this topic and the results might surprise you.

A new study of 5 years’ worth of concussion data from NCAA sports reveals that men’s wrestling is the sport with the highest rate of sports-related concussion (SRC), but men’s football remains on top in terms of the sheer number of athletes who experience SRC while in practice or competition. And in men’s and women’s sports that can be directly compared—lacrosse, ice hockey, soccer, and others—female athletes tend to have higher rates of SRC than their male counterparts.

Top 5 Sports Per 10,000 Athlete Exposures
1. Men’s Wrestling
2. Men’s Ice Hockey
3. Women’s Ice Hockey
4. Men’s Football 
5. Women’s Soccer

Annual Numbers of Sports-Related Concussions by Sport
1. Men’s Football
2. Women’s Soccer
3. Women’s Basketball
4. Men’s Basketball
5. Men’s Wrestling

Consussions can happen any place, at any time – not just to students during sporting events. The kids might be horsing around at home, dad might take a tumble on the ski slopes, mom might slip on the ice. We see patients with concussions all the time, but the key is to get help right away so we can monitor the patient and administer the necessary care. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the office nearest you.

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