From the Couch to a 5k :: Race On

Just 12 months ago I never imagined I’d be able to run a 5k, even though it was something I had always wanted to do. I’m 55 years old and was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. I’ve tried a few couch to 5k programs in the past, but without the accountability of others I never fully completed any of them. When I was introduced to Northern Physical Therapy’s RunFit program and saw the opportunity to train with a group, I signed up. Nothing to lose, right?

After a few hard weeks, I’m happy to say that I completed the entire RunFit program. The group was fun and they gave me the encouragement to keep going. The morning of our 5k I was so nervous, “could I really do this?” I wondered. My goal was to run the entire race without walking, and I did it! Running across the finish line was an exhilarating feeling, not only had I finished, but I came in several minutes under my goal.

Running the race was hard work but whenever I felt like slowing down I thought about my younger sister who was having several health issues. I told myself that after everything she has had to endure, I could do this.

Gina Otterbein and Marcia ran the Katty Shack 5k together in 2015.

Its been just a few months since my first 5k and I’m thrilled to say I have since completed 2 more. I’ve set a goal for myself of running one 5k race each month. I love supporting great causes through the races, and I’m seeing the benefits of my continued workouts, which include yoga, and of course, running. I plan to continue my routine with the hopes that I’ll be healthier in my golden years, and be able to keep up with my energetic grandkids.

I found that by setting a goal and being persistent, it is possible to do anything!

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