Feeling Good :: A Knee Injury and Physical Therapy

As any business owner knows, its a wonderful feeling when you receive praise from your customers, clients, and patients. Over the last year we’ve had the privilege of treating a great guy. When Officer Scott Drumm of the Kentwood Police Department suffered a knee injury at work, he chose Northern for his treatment. We were humbled and delighted when we received a letter from him in the mail expressing his gratitude for our organization. We’ll let Scott share his story from here.

— — —

Upon injuring my knee at work I chose to have my therapy treatment done at Northern Physical Therapy in Wayland. I was able to use Northern to prepare for surgery and work through a program that my physical therapist, Matt Casterline, and my doctor, Dr. Kyle Randall, set up to ease my recovery time post surgery. After surgery, Matt placed me on a plan to get me back to feeling 100%. The road was long and painful, but was made easier with Matt’s hard work.

Matt treated me with the best care and advice and I really owe it to him for getting me back to work in such great shape. With all of my ups and downs through my recovery, he took each hurdle I gave him and worked through it with a smile. 

Since I had been coming to Northern two to five days a week for nine months and I had witnessed nothing but a professional and caring staff. The days I was unable to work with Matt, due to schedules, I had the opportunity to work with Susan McCourt and Erin Willett and together, we didn’t miss a beat – every hour was just as productive as the last. With all of the time I spent at Northern, I got to see a lot of different interactions with your patients by your staff and I’ve been very impressed. As you know, the majority of your patients are elderly and many have special needs. There was not a single time that I noticed your staff not treat them with the utmost respect and care. Needless to say, I’m very impressed and would feel very comfortable to have my own grandparents attend your facility.

Cassie Andersen and Bridget Martz were also very impressive. The care they took to make sure the physical therapists could concentrate on their patients and work in a very clean environment was very important to me. When I would have problems with my schedule, they made it very easy to make changes and work out a solution. I also witnessed them on numerous occasions drop everything they were doing to help a therapist with a client. What a great team effort!

I want to thank you for hiring such great staff and running a class act organization.
Respectfully yours,
Officer Scott Drumm
City of Kentwood

— — —

Thank you Scott, for taking the time to share your story with us, and with others. We appreciate your genuine gratitude for our business, and that you chose Northern as your provider of choice. It was truly a pleasure to help you!

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