Reducing Back, Knee, and Foot Pain with Orthotics

Most people assume that orthotics are only for those suffering from foot pain. But let’s take a step back and reconsider that notion. Your feet are the initial support for your entire body and when things are off balance starting at the bottom, it can contribute to overall postural imbalance, leading specifically to back pain and knee pain. In fact, pain all the way up to your neck can stem from your feet.

Biocorrect Pro-Fit Orthotics are fitted specifically to you by a physical therapist

How Can Orthotics Help?

– Orthotics offer support which can change the distribution of, and reduce the force through your foot, ankle, and ultimately, your knee.
– Orthotics can change the alignment of your foot and ankle, which can result in a change of alignment at your knee. When this delicate alignment is off, you’ll most likely feel pain in your knees or low back.

Because our staff members wear orthotics and see the benefits, we often recommend them to friends, family members, and patients. However, you don’t have to take our word for it – here are two personal stories, shared by friends, highlighting how orthotics have changed them for the better.

“I used to suffer from daily back pain as a result of working on my feet all day. Per the suggestion of a family member, I started using Biocorrect Orthotics in my shoes over 4 years ago and noticed a difference almost immediately. My back pain was gone and to my surprise, there was also reduced pain in my ankles and Achilles tendon. Last winter I purchased a new pair of shoes and since they felt very comfortable I started wearing them without my orthotics. After about a week my back pain had returned so I put the orthotics in my new shoes and my back pain went away within a couple days. I still use the original pair that I purchased over four years ago and have since purchased two additional pair so they are readily available in all my shoes. I would recommend Biocorrect Orthotics to anyone with chronic back or leg pain.”
John O., Coopersville, MI

“My wife is a physical therapist so she was frequently suggesting I try Biocorrect Comfort-Fit orthotics. I was a bit skeptical at first, wondering how a little extra cushion could really help my common aches. One day she brought them home and inserted them in my shoes. Just give them a try, she insisted. To my surprise, they felt great. So good, in fact, I even had her get a pair for a second set of shoes which I was taking on vacation with me. I wore the shoes with orthotics on Mackinac Island and walked over 5 miles in one day with no back or knee pain! We had taken the same trip 3 years prior and by the end of the trip I was so sore all I wanted to do was sit down. In this case (and often in life), my wife was right – orthotics are great.” Tony B., Grand Rapids, MI

Biocorrect orthotics are available for purchase in any of our clinics, or through our online store. We offer Comfort-Fit and Slim-Fit, which can be purchased based on your foot size and there are options for men, women, and children. We also offer Biocorrect Pro-Fit orthotics, which are fitted by our staff specifically for your foot. If you have any questions on orthotic fittings or how they can help you, contact the clinic nearest you.

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