Get “Back” to Life and Save Money

How much do you think low back pain costs you on an annual basis? Let’s break it down. Has the pain ever caused you to take time off work? Have you been laid up when you should have been out enjoying life? Did you visit the doctor and get a prescription or maybe even have surgery? Over time these things can really add up.

But what if you would have visited a physical therapist first? Would things be different? Research says yes and the findings indicate that physical therapists provide cost effective treatments for lower back pain.

Low back pain has become a common ailment for many, especially those who work in office environments. Sitting for long hours in positions that disrupt the kinetic chain and make for less than ideal ergonomics increases the risk of low back pain. Up to 44% of adults under the age of 45 have low back pain at any given time in their life. And, in addition to coping with pain in the lower back, people also suffer financially if they don’t pursue, or aren’t informed, on the most cost effective treatment options.

A 2015 Health Services Research Journal study on the costs of low back pain compared to the effectiveness of treatment reveals that initial treatment for patients complaining of lower back pain averaged at about $504, while treatments that relied on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) averaged at $1,306. In addition, those patients that received physical therapy as their first line of treatment saved 66% on their treatment costs over the next year.

Low back pain not only causes discomfort but it also deprives you of the ability to perform certain daily activities. Physical therapy has helped countless Americans tackle their low back pain and, what’s better, it treats their issue without becoming an economic burden on their household finances.

If you’re suffering from low back pain, there are several treatment options that a physical therapist can provide, including:
– Manual therapy
– Strengthening and flexibility exercises
– Movement mechanics training

Sixty-one percent of Americans complain of low back pain, but there is no reason to let it go untreated. We provide the best treatment and we have payment plans to jumpstart you on the road to recovery. For more information, call the clinic nearest you.

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