Quick & Healthy Snacks

We’ve rounded up a selection of quick and healthy snacks that are really tasty, and not-so-typical. We wanted to come up with options that used standard ingredients, took less than 5 minutes to make, and were good for you. 

Watermelon with a twist
Cut 2 cups of watermelon into bite-sized chunks and toss with 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice and ½ teaspoon of grated lime zest. For a spicy effect, sprinkle a pinch of cayenne pepper and 2 teaspoons of chopped unsalted roasted pistachios.
126 calories / 2 g fiber / 3 g protein / 3 g fat

Banana, Kale, and Almond Milk Smoothie
In a blender, puree 1 banana, 1 cup chopped kale, and 1 cup almond milk until smooth.
201 calories / 5 g fiber / 5 g protein / 4 g fat

Cherry Tomatoes & Goat Cheese
Cut cherry tomatoes in half and top with fresh goat cheese. For an added twist, sprinkle with chopped herbs like chives, basil, or parsley.
98 calories / 1 g fiber / 6 g protein / 7 g fat

Celery Sticks, Hummus, Olives
Coat celery sticks with 3 hummus and sliced olives (kalamata are a good choice).
129 calories / 5 g fiber / 5 g protein / 8 g fat

Dark Chocolate and Nut Clusters
This one is higher in fat and sugar, so eat it in moderation. But, it is a perfect choice when you’re looking for something sweet. Mix together ¼ cup of your choice of nuts with 1 ounce of melted dark chocolate (go for something with a higher percentage of cocoa). Put the clusters on wax paper and refrigerate until the harden.
195 calories / 3 g fiber / 4 g protein / 14 g fat

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