Hormone Happy Hour :: January 14, 5-6pm

A friend recently shared a story with me in confidence. She was out with a group of girlfriends, catching up over a glass of wine when it happened. In the midst of a bout of laughter, she accidentally leaked a little. Yes, down there. Uh-oh, what now? Mortified, she panicked and ran to the nearest restroom.

The unfortunate part of the story (other than the leakage) is that this isn’t the first time this has happened to her. As I began to offer her some comfort (and potential solutions) she replied “this has been happening for a while, its just part of getting older, I suppose.”

Yes, urinary leakage may be part of getting older, giving birth, or illness, but there are ways to remedy the problem. We’ll be talking about this and other female topics at our Hormone Happy Hour with Keystone Pharmacy.

If you notice your core and pelvis muscles are getting weaker, you experience pelvic pain on your annual exam or in daily life, or if you map out your shopping trips based on where the closest restroom is, this event is for you.

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Join us January 14th, 5-6pm | Keystone Pharmacy Seminar Room, 4021 Cascade Road SE, Suite 50, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Special guests for the evening will be Terri Jeurink, a Women’s Health Specialist from Northern Physical Therapy, and Keystone Pharmacist and fellow in Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine, Mary PreFontaine Heim. They’ll be available to talk about exercise and healthy habits that can help you move beyond kegels.

Terri’s strong passion for helping both men and women return to optimal function with a whole body approach toward healthy living has been apparent throughout her 17 years in the physical therapy field. 
She has a specialty in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and completed her pelvic floor certification through the American Physical Therapy Association.

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